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The Noosa Everglades – one of Queensland’s best kept secrets

Noosa is a popular town for so many reasons. For one thing it’s an absolute beauty, from its gorgeous sun drenched beaches and stunning coastline to the relaxed, quiet town with its boutiques and cafes. But there is a place nearby that is a paradise all its own, a little off the beaten track but well worth your time – Noosa Everglades.

The Noosa Everglades are one of only two everglade environments in the world (the other being in Florida) and stretch for 60km. Comprised of narrow waterways and a remarkable amount of wildlife and plants, the everglades cross not one but two UNESCO Biosphere Reserves and have been protected for many years.

The River of Mirrors

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The serenity of the Noosa everglades gave rise to its nickname, “the river of mirrors” and when you visit you’ll quickly see why. The water is often so still that it acts like a mirror, reflecting back the trees and other tropical plants that fill the riverbanks. Hiring a kayak and exploring the serene rivers is a popular activity. The slow, peaceful pace of a kayak is perfect when looking out for animals and marine life.

A paradise for birds, animals and photographers

If Queensland’s amazing diversity of animals and plants amazes you (and it should), the Noosa Everglades is for you! More than 40% of Australia’s birdlife can be found here, along with over 1,300 species of plants, plus other water bound and land based wildlife. The one thing you won’t find here? Crocodiles. Unlike the Florida Everglades, which are chock full of alligators, the lack of crocodiles in the Noosa Everglades make exploring the waterways that little bit more relaxed. Bring your camera, keep as quiet as possible and let the wildlife come to you.

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Swim, kayak, canoe – take your pick

There are many ways to explore the Noosa Everglades without disturbing the ecosystem.  The key is to move slowly and quietly if you want to enjoy the serenity. Join a guided kayak tour or hire your own and drift along the river keeping an eye out for birds and other critters. Other popular activities are canoeing and paddling, and even swimming is on the cards given the lack of crocodiles. Floating in the water gazing up at the forest canopy is one of the most tranquil experiences you can have. And the privilege of taking a dip in one of only two everglade environments in the world is pretty special.

places to visit in south australia

Stay the night

Visit for a day or, even better, camp out overnight at one of the many sites on offer. There’s a campground to suit everyone from full service sites at Boreen Point and Elanda Point, to the more basic Fig Tree Point and Harry’s Hut. Secure your permit before you head out. There are also a great selection of guided overnight camping tours.

The Noosa Everglades are a beautiful example of the diversity of Australia. This watery paradise may not be on the top of your travel bucket list but it is well worth a day or two of your time. Our buddies at Kanu Kapers offer both self guided and guided kayaking adventures that explore everything the everglades have to offer, 100% nature, 100% sustainable.

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