Great Ocean Road

Things To Do On The Great Ocean Road

When in Australia, there’s no way you can miss the adventure of the Great Ocean Road drive, one of the world’s most spectacular and scenic coastal drives. It’s big, it’s epic, it’s jammed in summer but travellers head there all the year round for surf breaks, roadtrips and adventure. We’re talking about Victoria’s most famous highway, a road that’s more than a road, it’s a journey into Australia’s wild coastal heart.

The Great Ocean Road is brimming with experiences, sights and the opportunity for adventure at every turn (and there are a lot of them!). If you’re planning a trip along this world famous stretch of tarmac it helps to know the best bits in advance. There is so much to see and experience along these 243kms, but who has the time to do it all? (ok, some people, some very lucky people).

Here are 5 awesome Great Ocean Road attractions to visit this summer!

great ocean road attractions - Bells Beach Bells Beach

The Great Ocean Road officially starts at the cute surf town of Torquay and finishes up in Allansford. Towards the start, just 15 minutes’ drive from Torquay, you’ll find probably the most famous beach along the Great Ocean Road. Bells Beach isn’t only a gorgeous stretch of sand, it’s famous for having some of the best surf in Australia. The Southern Ocean showcases it’s best breaks right here and surfers make a bee line for Bells Beach time and again. Stop for a surf or just to take in the beautiful views from the boardwalk next to the car park. The Great Ocean Road drive isn’t complete without a stop here.


Get back behind the wheel and make your next stop Lorne. Not only does this salty aired, buzzy town have a stunning beach at its doorstep, it’s also backed by some beautiful bush land, if you can tear yourself away from the ocean that is. Relaxed and unpretentious, Lorne is the quintessential Great Ocean Road surf town and well worth a stop. Take a break from your Great Ocean Road drive and eat fresh seafood, down a couple of beers, take a walk into the bush or just kick back and take in the atmosphere.

Cape Otway

The next on our list of 5 awesome Great Ocean Road attractions is wild Cape Otway. Jutting out into the Southern Ocean, Cape Otway is located within the Great Otway National Park and is home to forested mountains, including a forest of the tallest trees in the world, Californian Redwoods, plus a large population of koalas (head to Aire River to spot them). It’s also home the longest serving lighthouse in Australia – lighting up the sky since 1846, and still going! The Otways are a magical pitstop on your Great Ocean Road journey.

Twelve Apostles Twelve Apostles

You may have heard of the Twelve Apostles but nothing can prepare you for the sight of these eerie pillars of ocean worn rock standing tall among the waves. The first thing you might notice is that there aren’t twelve at all. You’d be right! Only 8 now remain thanks to the natural forces so obviously at work along this beautiful stretch of coast. Formed of limestone, the Twelve Apostles were given their unique name because they are (mostly) still standing. Quite a feat when the full force of the Southern Ocean is at your proverbial feet. An absolute must on the list of Great Ocean Road attractions.

Port Fairy

And now we come to the last on our list of 5 awesome things to do on the Great Ocean Road. You’ve driven for hours, your hair is salty and you’re about ready for some serious down time away from the wheel. Port Fairy is just the place. Located towards the end of the Great Ocean Road drive, where the Moyne River meets the ocean, Port Fairy is famous for its arts scene, annual folk festival, quaint stone cottages and busy wharf where you can buy fish straight out of the ocean. Boutiques and art galleries line the streets and the sound of the surf is never far away. Port Fairy is the perfect blend of outdoor adventure and seaside town charm.

That’s it folks, 5 awesome Great Ocean Road attractions that’ll have you wishing you could do it all over again. And why not, this stretch of coast will be around for a long time yet and it’s all just a drive away!