Why Travel To Australia

travel australia

Australia is a diverse, beautiful country with incredible natural wonders, iconic sights, welcoming Aussies and endless opportunities for adventures you can only have Down Under. Where else can you find two epic World Heritage sites side by side, the Great Barrier Reef and the rainforests of northern Queensland. We’ll tell you – Australia! The oldest continuing culture on earth? You’ll find it right here, where it’s been for 65,000 years and counting. And that’s naming just two reasons to travel to Australia.

From the sparkling waters of iconic Sydney Harbour, to the dusty wild interiors of its Red Centre, Australia’s diverse landscapes and sights are hard to beat and they’re often why visitors travel to Australia. Ancient places steeped in history rub shoulders with vibrant cities full of skyscrapers, festivals and culture. Beaches and islands, forests and deserts, dingoes and ‘roos, to travel Australia is to become one of the thousands of travellers who flock here each year only to come back for more year after year. Get your adventure boots on and travel Australia, and see for yourself what keeps this special place at the top of everyone’s bucket list!

How to travel Australia

The first thing to remember when thinking about how to travel Australia is this, it’s huge! Distances are vast and while an Aussie might think nothing of travelling 7 hours in a car to go and visit a mate, the rest of us might think twice. Luckily Australia has an excellent road network and plenty of internal flights on offer if you need to cover a lot of ground with minimal time to spare. 

But one of the best ways to see and experience everything on offer is to hop in a car, or better still (and typically Australian) a camper! Hitting the road with a few mates or riding solo is a great call for adventurous travellers. Travel Australia just like the Aussies and head up the East Coast taking in beaches and islands, mountains and world famous cities as you go. Or head over to WA and take in the Kimberly or the Coral Coast. Sip fine wines in the wine regions of SA or catch a wave on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, the choices are endless. 

You can always mix and match internal flights, road trips and a few bus journeys and get the best of everything. Hit up a guided city tour or a camping adventure through the Outback. Chat to the Aussies and get the inside scoop on every destination as you travel. However you travel Australia, you’re pretty much guaranteed to have memorable adventures on the daily.

When to travel Australia

Now! It really is as good a time as any because the weather is always perfect somewhere, and there is always a natural wonder to see or a coral reef to dive or your perfect beach waiting for you. Because of its size, there is a climate to suit everyone, no matter the time of the year. Decide where you want to head and plan your trip to suit the weather, your budget and time. Make the decision to travel to Australia this year – you won’t regret it.