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Cultural Experiences

Travelling is all about experiencing different cultures and Aussie culture certainly wont disappoint. We’re a a bunch laid back, happy go lucky larrikins which is an Australian term for a mischievous young person, an uncultivated, rowdy but good hearted person.

When Aussie’s talk about culture though they are not typically referring to Aussie culture but rather the culture of Australian first nations peoples. Indigenous Australians are a proud “mob” which their term for tribe or family. Truly life changing cultural experiences can not be bought, but they can be discovered.

Spending slow time in a sacred place is often the beginning of most soulful journeys and that can be done all over Australia. Caring for Country can also be practised through mindfulness and gratitude. We encourage you to seek out a connection with Indigenous peoples through learning, Dark Emu and Sand Talk are both great books to get you started on your journey to understanding the balance and beauty of Australia’s first nations culture. 

Cultural must-knows

Aboriginal Australians are the indigenous people of the country and are the traditional owners of this land. They have many beautiful and sacred cultural beliefs that have been passed on for generations. These often simple laws such as what is good for the land must come first should be respected and we should all especially be taking care of our lands and water sources. 

The best way to make sure you are respecting their culture is to learn a little bit about Australia’s indigenous cultures, and always respect their wishes around occupying certain places, such as Uluru.

The Aboriginal people often love to share their culture with visitors, so be sure to get involved in one of the many experiences on offer. If you are thinking of purchasing a souvenir on your travels, ensure that it is a verified authentic business that supports indigenous makers.

and of course check out all the cultural experiences we recommend and if you find another great one, please reach out and tell us about it so we can share the love.