there’s a reason you’ve heard about drop bear adventures!

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Our tours have had rave reviews on Trip Advisor from the beginning and in recent years we’ve even won awards for our tours. Woo HOO! This is just so exciting for us, especially as it wasn’t that long ago that we were just the new kids on the block with this ‘crazy idea’ of creating a tour inspired by our LOVE for the island, driven by our PASSION for adventure and fueled by pure AWESOME CUSTOMER SERVICE skills.


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G’DAY MA’TE, and welcome to the online home of the most epic Fraser Island Adventure Tour Company. We don’t mean to blow our own trumpet and we’re hoping that you have heard about our little adventure company before visiting our website, especially if you have done a bit of research on Trip Advisor where our Fraser Island Tours are rated the best. This is simply because of the support of so many travellers that just like you, fell in love with our passion for K’gari – Fraser Island and told a friend. We can’t help but feel so proud of what we have created and feel that our many wonderful reviews on Trip Advisor are a testament to how hard we work to be the best. We even took home the award for THE BEST TOUR/ACTIVITY IN AUSTRALIA at the 2018 Adventure Travel Awards. We were gobsmacked.

At Drop Bear Adventures, we believe that choosing a great tour is just as much about the team behind the scenes as it is about the tour itinerary itself, and this is why you can find lots of information on our website about who we are and what we love to do. We most certainly don’t believe that a tour should be a one size fits all scenario, oh NO! To us it’s an experience that we don’t ever want you to forget, an adventure of a lifetime that will travel with you. Our Fraser island tours are tailored to suit all manner of things, including you, the individual. So don’t just book your bootylicious butt onto just any sightseeing Fraser Island tour, book with our little tour company and we promise that you won’t regret travelling in Drop Bear style.

The visit to Fraser Island with Drop Bear was the highlight of my East Coast travels. The food was great, the people were awesome, the island was beautiful! I would not hesitate in visiting Fraser Island again, and going with Drop Bear!

– Steph, UK

This company is incredible. From the first contact, you see how professional but friendly people they are. We were able to discover some amazing treasures of this island.

– Anne-Marie V (Montreal, Quebec, Canada)

What an amazing time we had! Everything was so well organised and thought through with activities, sightseeing and swimming in the gorgeous lakes.

– Blackbird31, Liverpool, England

There are plenty of excursions to Fraser, this must be the best. Big thanks to the host Momma and Poppa bear. we would highly recommend!!

– John, UK, South Wales

Very relaxed vibe with a perfect size group. The food and camping gear is top level. Thanks for the great trip Drop Bear Adventures!


French guy 100% satisfied. We really felt like we were a group of friend having a trip together. We had such a great time.

– Pierre, France

It was absolutely amazing, every moment was planned perfectly. I am travelling by myself and I instantly felt comfortable, a brilliant few days!

– Emma B, Melbourne Australia

Great organization. Enthusiastic, cheerful and nice group leader, good food and a lot of fun. It was well worth the money, and would do it again!

– Anna Z, Belgium

I had three really really good days on Fraser Iceland thanks Dropbear. A very big thank you to Mark our guide! and all its helping hands!

– Claudia47, Munster, Germany