Welcome to Drop Bear Adventures Travel Guide and Advisory, inspiring conscious travel around Australia!

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welcome to australia

How are ya? Welcome to our travel website that is dedicated to linking free and independent travellers with epic adventure companies throughout Australia. Get expert tips from locals and experienced travellers through our blogs, socials and one-on-one appointments. Start your epic travel journey with some friends in the know. Let’s get you making lifelong memories and make a positive impact on our planet, one adventure at a time!

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G’day mate, lets work together?

We are here to help elevate your travel business to a whole new level. We put a spotlight on eco-friendly, customer-centric ventures in Australia and you will love the way we do it. From Drop Dead Tours to Best Tour in Australia, we know what it’s like to go up against big business and complete to be seen online. If you are in the business of providing amazing adventures, you should join in revolutionising the travel industry downunder mate. 

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We’re here to help you find your way around our big and beautiful country.

Life is just a series of experiences really, some are great and others not so much. Some of those not so great experiences can easily be avoided though if we are open to a little guidance along the way. The traditional lore of the land in which we call home, K’gari, which is Butchulla country says that if you have plenty of knowledge you must share. So here we are, living by ancient lore which has led us on our mission to share. Knowledge is power they say, and we believe it. Knowing enables us to make better choices which in turn makes us better people for ourselves, each other and our planet.

As mentioned, Drop Bear Adventures was founded on passion by Hana and Mark in 2011. You may know them from our famous in house K’gari Fraser Island Adventures tours. We believe that true passion creates truly great travel experiences. We have grown since then. Jana and Chad (chadandjana on insta) who are full time travelers, on their way around Australia in their Troopy, have joined us recently. They can easily contribute with their experience and knowledge of things to do around this wonderful continent and how to get around safe and sound, incl. car maintenance, day to day camping, and self-sufficient travelling.

We are friends that laugh and work together, not for the money but for the common interest in travel and trying to help other people making unforgettable memories! The Best Ideas come to you while having a cold one watching the sun set by the beach 🙂

Our Eco Conscious Travel Guide is this whole web site, our gift to YOU!   Flick through it, read, learn, explore and experience. Come back and share with us and with others.

Our goal is to curate a list of businesses (Top Pics), that are eco conscious through and through or in the process to make better choices for our planet, our future. As well as provide you with tips and tricks in our blogs (Travel Advice).

Reach out to us if you know a great business with a great mission! Reach out if you are one of those businesses, we are happy to shout your name out far and wide! Because you earned it!

Also hit us up about our regular Beach Clean Ups on K’gari (Fraser Island)!

We’re your dearest travel buddies helping you make the most of your stay in this beautiful country we call our home. As part of our Drop Bear family, you get to learn about Australia’s true indigenous experiences, that might not be on page 1 of google. Together we are inspiring change that will lead to better travel today in a better world tomorrow. We believe that knowledge is power. Knowing enables us to make better choices which in turn makes us better people for ourselves, each other and our planet.

Join our community (Drop Bear Adventures Mob) and we make sure your hard-earned dollars will be supporting genuine and eco-firendly businesses.

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Nestled on the northern coast of Australia, Darwin stands as the vibrant and multicultural capital

The Cassowary: Australia’s Enigmatic Flightless Giant

In the heart of the lush rainforests of northern Australia, a creature shrouded in mystery

Exploring Kalbarri National Park

Nestled along the spectacular coastline of Western Australia, Kalbarri National Park stands as a testament

Unveiling the Sectrets of Coral Bay WA

Picture yourself on the edge of Western Australia, where the sun-soaked coastline meets the azure

Discovering the Untamed Beauty of Dirk Hartog Island, Western Australia

Nestled off the remote coast of Western Australia, Dirk Hartog Island emerges as a pristine

South Australia’s German Village

Discovering the Charms of Hahndorf: South Australia’s German Village Welcome to Hahndorf, a charming and

Jana Marsh - Business Owner and Full Time Traveller

Embark on your dream Australian Adventure!

With our customized consulting service. We offer a personalized approach, combining expert advice on key travel topics with a tailor-made itinerary. From campervan rentals to eco-conscious tours, and a curated list of free activities, we’ve got you covered. We aren’t here to sell but to advise. Get ready for an unforgettable and save journey down under!

  • FREE “Work and Travel Australia”-Info Pack
  • Pre-Consultation Questionnaire (we don’t want to waste your time on generic questions!)
  • 20min Zoom or Phone Consultation with Jana (English and German available)
  • Consultation Summary via Email
  • Local Contact for Parents and Friends and YOU should you get stuck!
  1. You click the “pencil me in” button, book and schedule your appointment.
  2. Receive your free “Work and Travel Info”- Pack
  3. Fill in and return your pre-consultation questionnaire.
  4. Participate in our Consultation.
  5. Decide with our help how you amazing adventure will look like!
  6. Travel Happy to Australia!
  7. Know you know a number to call in Australia should you get stuck.

Short Consultation via Zoom, Call, WhatsApp 15min:


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Unlock the full potential of your business!

With our comprehensive Business Guidance Services you have a partner to lean on. Gain access to a wealth of expert advice delivered through informative newsletters, interactive webinars, personalized one-on-one sessions and targeted marketing strategies. Elevate your business success and propel your venture to new heights with our tailored consultancy appointment!

Initial phone appointment with Hana, our Founder and DIY Business specialist! Learn how we can help you, to streamline your business effectively and immediately, so you can have more free time for you and your family.

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