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Take a Digital Detox on K’gari Fraser Island This Winter

Most of us are never away from our phones, or iPads or just about any other device. From the moment we wake up, there they are. Screens that suck our time and energy and take us away from the real world. We all need a break, a digital Detox!

Taking the time to rest and recharge away from our ever present devices has been proven to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety, no surprise there. Endless scrolling through social media and the connectedness that comes with mobile devices is just not good for anyone long term. Want to find the perfect place to take a digital detox this winter? We know just the island.

K’gari Fraser Island is blessed with patchy internet

Lake Mckenzie

K’gari Fraser Island is a dream of an island for many reasons. The largest sand island in the world is home to gorgeous scenery, empty beaches and some of Australia’s most iconic dogs (we’re talking to you, dingos). All of this makes it the perfect place to switch off your phone and get immersed in its wild beauty. But the best part? The internet here is patchy at best. While there is some reception in places, for the most part it’s a struggle to get online. And that’s why we love it; a haven for a digital detox! Not having the opportunity to endlessly scroll means you’ll be fully present to enjoy swimming in K’gari’s crystal clear lakes, or hiking through ancient forests or the even spotting wild dingos, and all the other animals that make the island their home. 

The benefits of switching off


Taking a digital detox means resting both your mind, and your spirit. When we switch off our devices, we switch back on to the world. This is especially important for kids. In fact it’s our youngest mates who suffer the most from too much screen time. Being somewhere like K’gari takes away the internet and replaces it with the natural world, which is full of way more interesting things and opens up the chance to have a proper adventure, the stuff which makes lifelong, core memories for little ones and adults alike. The ping of an incoming email will feel like a distant memory as you drive along 75 mile beach between the waves and the dunes. Who needs Instagram when you’ve got the blue waters of an ancient lake to swim through. No filter needed.

The weather is still balmy!


Winter may be officially here but it’s still sunny and warm over on K’gari, and it will be all winter! Make a plan to reconnect with your nearest and dearest, and enjoy bright sunny days while you do it. From hiking to swimming to simply chilling out on the beach with that book you’ve been meaning to read for months. K’gari Fraser Island is the perfect place to do it all.

Our mates over at K’gari Fraser Island Adventures are locals and know the island like only locals can, including all the best places to switch off. Call them today and see what adventures you can have without your phone on one of Australia’s most beautiful islands – your mind and body will thank you with a digital detox!