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Animal Friends on Fraser Island (K’gari)

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As with many island habitats, the native animals that call K’gari home are diverse, hugely important to the ecosystem of the island and above all, pretty darn loveable. Everyone has heard of the resident Dingo population and the sight of one of these majestic dogs trotting along the beach is a real treat and a […]

4 Ways to Celebrate World Wildlife Day

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4 Ways to Celebrate World Wildlife Day The sixth annual World Wildlife Day is approaching this Sunday, 3 March, and it’s a day to recognise all the different animal species across the globe. Although this year’s focus is on marine life, the ultimate goal is to spread awareness on the beauty of different species and […]

Best Backpacker Tour of Fraser Island

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Finding the best backpacker tour of Fraser Island can be a difficult decision especially when on a budget!  With so many tours to choose from offering unique experiences, to suit different tastes and budgets it’s important to do a little research.   Why visit Fraser Island? Fraser Island, also known as K’gari, is the world’s […]

Filming on Fraser Island

Filming On Fraser Island Beach
[vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”4585″ img_size=”847×400″]We’ve seen our share of film crews come through Fraser Island and we can think of plenty of reasons why professionals would come to beautiful K’gari to shoot footage. The scenery is beautiful. The natural wonders of Fraser Island are multi-faceted – where else can you find a sandy tropical beach, coloured […]

Swim with the Whales in Hervey Bay

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Hervey Bay has long been a whale watching mecca and our Fraser Island & Whale Watching packages are hugely popular with visitors. Visit Fraser Island between July and October and you’re virtually guaranteed to see whales frolicking off the coast as they take a break from their long journey.[vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”4569″ img_size=”847×400″]This year, however, visitors […]

Eco-Tourism on Fraser Island: Doing our Part to Keep K’gari Beautiful

Fraser Island is located in the Great Sandy National Park, its natural beauty protected by Queensland state laws and National Park regulations. Fraser Island is also a World Heritage listed natural wonder, and as such of international significance. Most importantly, to us Fraser Island is the most beautiful place in the world (it’s our favourite […]

Whale Watching on Fraser Island: An Experience of a Lifetime

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We only often see them in animated films, playing the role of gentle giants that aid protagonists in their journey. But on Fraser Island, they’re not just mere characters—they’re the main stars of the ocean that show up especially from late July to early November! Yes, we’re talking about none other than one of the […]

Guide to Securing Fraser Island Permits

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Fraser Island, Mother Nature’s very own theme park in Australia, has become a popular destination for a great number of travellers and adventurers ever since it was listed as a World Heritage site in 1992. Its uninterrupted stretch of white, powdery sands, unique freshwater lakes and precious flora and fauna are only some of the […]

Cool Off at the Enchanting Eli Creek

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Visitors to Fraser Island often favour the island’s network of freshwater lakes, stunning beaches and fizzing recreational pools when they want to take a dip or explore the exceptional bodies of water found in this World Heritage-listed paradise. We know this because as the leading tour operator on Fraser Island, we at Drop Bear Adventures […]