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Why is Fraser Island so Important

Fraser Island means a lot of things to a lot of people. For many it represents the best of Australia, deserted beaches that stretch for miles, unique wildlife found nowhere else on earth and a diverse and beautiful natural landscape of clear blue lakes, sand dunes and more. Undoubtedly, being the largest sand Island in the world has attracted deep pockets long after this place was already called home. History and triumph is the story of why Fraser Island is so important.

So, Why is Fraser Island so Important?

The largest sand island in the world is one of the wildest islands in the country and escaping to its shores means epic adventures and discovery, with nights under a star lit sky with nothing but the sound of the waves and wild dingoes calling in the distance. Fraser Island’s natural wonders make it an important place for rare wildlife, but also for people as a place to escape to and take a rest from modern life. 

But ask the traditional owners of the island, the Butchulla people, why Fraser Island is so important and you will get a slightly different point of view. As with every patch of land in Australia, traditional dreamtime stories associated with Fraser Island take its importance to another level entirely.

Fraser Island, or K’gari as it is traditionally known, has been revered for centuries. The Butchulla gave it the name K’gari meaning “paradise” some 5,000 years ago (or more). The dreamtime creation story of the island is that K’gari was the name of a spirit princess who helped to create the island. She fell in love it it and laid down there for eternity, and she is still there today looking up at the sky.

The Butchulla practice three laws: 

  • What is good for the country comes first
  • If you have plenty, you must share
  • If it’s not yours, you shall not take

The Butchulla have great respect for the island and it is up to all of us to appreciate this and abide by these three laws. When visitors come to the island they are entering sacred ground.

Respecting The Natural Environment

So, why is Fraser Island so important? Because it is important to the Butchulla, the traditional owners. It is important because untouched wildernesses are sadly becoming few and far between, and if we allow the natural environment of Fraser Island (K’gari) to decline we have all lost out. If you want to learn more, take a look at K’gari Fraser Island Tours and discover the island rich cultural history and indigenous knowledge systems.