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Recent Reviews of our Drop Bear Tours

Here at Drop Bear Adventures we are suuuuuper proud of our Trip Advisor, Facebook and Google Reviews that we regularly receive from our beloved guests on tour. It gives us such a warm, fuzzy feeling reading about their thoughts and experiences when they visit K’gari – Fraser Island, to experience our epic Drop Bear Tours on Fraser Island!

We wanted to share a few recent ones with you.


03.09.19 – 1021shelbyw Canyon, Texas, United States

One of the most unique experiences I have had abroad. I am SO HAPPY that I went with Dropbear. Every detail of the tour was planned with the current conditions of the island and our interests in mind. The camp, guide, volunteers, and booking process were great! Don’t hesitate and book with Dropbear if you want a down to earth tour with a genuine company! Thanks Dropbear for one of the most memorable weekends of my life! I will be back to visit and hopefully volunteer in the near future.



04.09.19 – imib, Saint-Cyr-sur-Mer, France

Our experience with Dropbear Adventures was one of the highlights of our trip to Australia. We had imagined it to be fun, but not this mind-blowingly fun! We did the 3 day 2 night camping tour and would highly recommend it to families, solo travelers and couples.

Troy, was the most amazing guide and was very good at making everybody comfortable in the group and if you had to pick a person to protray the spirit of K’Gari, then Troy is your man! He had so many amazing stories to tell and we learned a lot about the wildlife, the incredible native heritage and the wonders of nature that make K’Gari a true paradise.

We were extremely fortunate to have the most incredible weather for winter : blue skies, calm seas and 24°C temperatures. The result was that we were blessed to see unique wildlife in and out of the water : Whales, Dolphins, Sharks, Manta Rays, turtles, dingos, snakes, spiders (and even some wild kangaroos on our way to Fraser Island)! The tour was full on : we were up early and in bed late but that’s where Dropbear is so good : we got to all the touristy places before anybody and had the chance of discovering pristine beaches, creeks and lakes before the crowds and the tour buses tootled in.

The driving was super fun and our guide made sure everybody who wanted to try offroad driving could have a chance to. You really do get used to driving on empty sandy beaches and it’s a bit frustrating returning to tarmac and roundabouts!

The food was lovely and healthy (we brought our own beers and snacks) and the “bedtime stories” that we got made the experience even more unforgettable. We got to see moon rises and sunrises, galaxies and planets under the clear night skies.

To conclude, I highly recommend this tour operator if you want to visit Fraser Island in a safe, respectable and sustainable way : they have a serious policy on leaving the least footprint on this magical island and are committed to keeping the place clean and unspoilt.

Thank you Troy and Dropbear for helping us make unforgettable holiday memories!

We drove 4wd to the best bits of Fraser. Take drinks if you wanna party at night in the accommodation/beach nearby but absolutely no obligation to. Great group of us early-mid 20s guys/girls and some older. Tour guide (…Jaden) was my hero and all the guys at the hostel smashed it with great food, clean accommodation and organised perfectly. Not rushing around at all, you can ask the tour guide if there’s certain things you want to do more/less of, drive as much/little as you want on varying terrains. This is the first tripadvisor review I’ve ever done and heck do Drop Bear deserve it. Watched the sunrise and set with multiple beers to hand and saw a few cheeky dingoes before we left the island! Cheers guys I’ll be back for sure


31.08.19 – Charlie B, Farnborough, United Kingdom

We went on the 2 day/ 1 night trip with dropbear adventures to K’gari (Fraser Island) and it was the best experience (our favourite thing in Australia so far). The island is beautiful, and it is a one of a kind experience. However, what made this trip so good was Jayden and the dropbear family. They are a smaller business but that means it’s more personal and they put in so much effort. Jayden was amazing; his enthusiasm, knowledge of the island, friendliness really made the tour. He taught us a lot about the history and nature of the island. The hostel was amazing, and you get loads of food! Thanks Jayden so much for everything you were unbelievable! 100% recommend to everyone.

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