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02.10.19 – scotswhahae1707, Newcastle, UK

This organisation came highly recommended by my son and his wife and they were not wrong. It was an incredible and uplifting experience, sensitively managed in a minimal impact and sustainable way that that brought you right to the core and essence of this aptly named paradise. We stayed overnight in the very comfortable bunkhouse accommodation with our fellow explorers and were looked after by Jen and her team with tons of good wholesome food.The excitement of the days exploring and the convivial company led to a great party atmosphere that was enhanced by our guide, the talented Cory, who led the musical evening with his didgeridoo and other wide musical skills. Cory is a great guy who is extremely knowledgeable and sympathetically in tune with the spirit of the island and its indigenous history. It was a pleasure and honour to be guided by someone who clearly delights in his role as mentor, protector and ambassador for this island. Having experienced the free pure joy of the island since his childhood he was incredibly well informed about its geography, the amazing flora and fauna and the cultural prerogatives, dignity and wisdom of its indigenous people. We explored the wildness of the island on our extensive driving trips sharing the excitement of off road driving through stunning scenery highlights being Central Station with its truly ancient trees and ferns, spotting dingoes, swimming in Lake Birrabeen and crystal clear springs, star gazing without any light pollution, boomerang throwing, and as a group of soul mate explores, all rising to watch the pure joy of dawn and a new day being born. All with the great company of like minded travellers. Even better, when you have booked online, you are automatically entered for Cash back bingo, which means the cost of your ticket could be refunded! Could it be any better?
Thanks again Cory and Drop Bear,
Best wishes, David.


We had the most wonderful time with Troy and the Dropbears adventures team. We did the 3 day / 2 night camping trip and loved every single second of it. We came to explore the island and left feeling knowing what paradise looks like. We upgraded our tent to a glamping tent as we’re not the most experienced campers and had a super comfortable sleep both nights. Won’t give away too much but you will see everything the island has to offer, in all of its natural beauty … and you may even be able to see it from above. One other thing to mention was Troy himself, he was an incredible guide, a fantastic storyteller and all round complete legend. The trip would have definitely not been the same without him. One last thing, the food was AMAZING too and what’s even more amazing is that everything is done in an extreme sustainable fashion! If you’re looking to see the island, this is 100% the best way to do it.



05.10.19 – Debbie mc04

Went on the 2 day 1 night trip to Fraser Island, exploring the largest sand island in the world with the best group of people. From floating down the freshwater creek, swimming in the most beautiful lakes, visiting the shipwreck, rainforest walks, 4WD beach and off road driving, boomerang throwing, didgeridoo playing, to guitar singalongs… this jam packed trip was so much better than i’d imagined. We learned so much about the island and it’s indigenous history and values from our epic tour guide Cory, his passion, knowledge and absolute love for this incredible place is infectious. You leave a little bit of your heart here. The staff at the lodge were all so friendly, food was amazing, catered to everyone, eco-friendly, great atmosphere, such a lovely place to chill and get to know everyone. Also, if you book direct with them you get entered into a draw at the end of the month and could win your money back! Been to some incredible places travelling Australia but this trip with Drop Bear is the absolute highlight, thanks so much ❤️

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