snorkelling at champagne pools

A Fraser Island Snorkelling Guide

While it isn’t advisable to snorkel in the waters around Fraser Island due to strong rip tides and a  large and healthy shark population, among other things, it’s definitely still worth packing your mask and flippers for some fraser island snorkelling. The multitude of freshwater lakes and creeks, plus ocean rock pools such as the Champagne Pools are all home to an amazing array of marine flora and fauna.


Here is your Fraser Island Snorkelling Guide


Catfish at Lake Wabby

Spot huge catfish at gorgeous little Lake Wabby, the deepest lake on the island. If you’re interested our Fraser Island Tours and fraser island snorkelling, then the Catfish looks almost shark like and have a docile nature so you can get close without disturbing them. There are several other species of fish to be found here too, as well as some that will want to nibble the dead skin off your feet! When embarking on our fraser island tours you’ll find endless novelties such as this!

fraser island snorkelling at lake wabby
lake wabby

Fraser Island snorkelling in Salt Water at Champagne Pools

The large, Fraser Island Snorkelling is sometimes best in the deep rock pools known locally as Champagne Pools are a series of deep volcanic holes in the rock which are constantly filled and emptied by the tides. Each wave creates a natural jacuzzi and snorkelling through the bubbles feels like snorkelling through real champagne! Look out for rock pool critters such as crabs and blennys, plus starfish and tiny fish.

snorkelling at champagne pools
snorkelling champgne pools

Freshwater turtles at Lake Allom

Some of the cutest inhabitants of the island reside in Lake Allom. Known locally as Turtle Lake, Lake Allom is home to a thriving community of freshwater turtles, which you can snorkel with or view from a viewing platform on land. Want to get their attention? Clap your hands and watch the little guys poke their heads out of the water to see what’s going on. Look out for the distinctive yellow streak which runs down the side of their heads. It’s worth bearing in mind that feeding these cuties is not allowed but overall Fraser Island Snorkelling doesn’t get any easier or as interactive than this!

Swimming and snorkelling In Lake Allom Famous For Turtles
lake allom snorkelling

Snorkelling on land has never been so much fun. Fraser Island adventures really are as unique as the island itself.

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