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Why camping on K’gari is good for the soul and the environment

cmaping on kgari

Camping on K’gari, being outside and active in the natural world is one of the most accessible, simple ways to improve your mental health. Fact. Getting out into the wilderness means moving away from the noisy, stressful distractions of modern life, with all its anxiety inducing demands one on our time. An unspoilt natural environment […]

Don’t forget these 3 things when booking a Fraser Island adventure tour

Fraser island adventure tour

When it comes to choosing a Fraser Island tour there are many things to consider. From how much the tour will cost to what activities are included in the itinerary, not to mention the quality of the guides (and their cooking skills!) and how long you’ll stay on the island. It can feel like a […]

Backpackers allowed to extend their stay in Australia to help with bushfire recovery

australia bushfire recovery

The devastating bushfires which have engulfed and destroyed millions of hectares of land across Australia have left an unbelievable amount of destruction in their wake. These fires have been the worst in history, burning for longer and reaching further than any in recent decades. Communities have lost their homes and businesses, land has been scorched […]

How to stay safe around dingoes on K’gari

how to stay safe around dingoes

Dingoes once had a pretty bad reputation. They have been feared and demonised in equal measure, by people and governments with little understanding of the dingo’s nature and behaviour. Shocking stories such as that of Azaria Chamberlain, the baby daughter of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, whose disappearance in the Northern Territory back in 1980 was […]

 Backpacking essentials for staying connected and protecting your devices

backpacking essentials in Australia

Travelling through remote wilderness areas often means little to no phone reception, minimal access to the internet and bleeping red lights on every battery you own. Switching off from social media and the general mindless scrolling that the internet encourages in all of us is always a good idea, but we still need our devices […]

From Brisbane to Airlie Beach – what to see and do along the way

Brisbane to Airlie Beach

This classic stretch of east coast Australia is particularly popular with travellers and its easy to see why. The 1,000km from Brisbane to Airlie Beach has everything from the vibrant nightlife of rejuvenated Brisbane, to  the tropical charm of Noosa not to mention some of the country’s most spectacular natural environments such as the everglades […]