Don’t forget these 3 things when booking a Fraser Island adventure tour

When it comes to choosing a Fraser Island tour there are many things to consider. From how much the tour will cost to what activities are included in the itinerary, not to mention the quality of the guides (and their cooking skills!) and how long you’ll stay on the island. It can feel like a headache inducing task trying to work out which Fraser Island adventure tour works for you.

But it’s worth remembering that some factors are more important than others when it comes to making the most of your time on the the island, and protecting it for future visitors and generations.

So, don’t forget these 3 things when booking a Fraser Island adventure tour

Choose a local tour company with small group sizes

Not all tour companies are created equal. A good tip to remember is the bigger the tour company, the higher the likelihood of ending up on a generic ‘pack ’em in and send ’em on their way’ attitude towards your experience on Fraser Island. A larger tour company tends to equal a bigger push towards profit over experience, which is never good.

Choosing smaller, local tour companies means you’re much more likely to be with folks who are just plain passionate about the island and what they do. This means knowledgeable guides, a well researched itinerary and a more memorable and personable experience all round. And you’ll be supporting the local economy to boot.

Make sustainable practices a must  

The many Fraser Island adventure tours which cross the island every year take their toll on the natural environment. Irresponsible practices such as leaving rubbish and plastic waste behind, and chasing down local wildlife for entertainment is harmful and disrespectful to the island and its inhabitants.

farser island adventure tour

Make sure the tour company you choose for your Fraser Island adventure tour takes their sustainability practices seriously and has a good record when it comes to recycling and treating the land and the animals that live on the island with the respect they deserve.

Do your research and read reviews in advance

It seems obvious but many visitors just go with the first tour they find online and end up regretting it. Take the time to properly research your Fraser Island adventure tour in advance. Just spending an extra 20 minutes doing a bit of online research, or better still listening out for credible word of mouth recommendations can mean the difference between and mediocre few days and a fantastic adventure full of memories to last a lifetime. Remember, unless you’re extremely lucky, your Fraser Island adventure tour experience is likely to be a once in a lifetime experience not to be repeated. It pays to choose carefully and wisely.

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Written by Kate Moxhay at