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Why camping on K’gari is good for the soul and the environment

Camping, being outside and active in the natural world is one of the most accessible, simple ways to improve your mental health. Fact. Getting out into the wilderness means moving away from the noisy, stressful distractions of modern life, with all its anxiety inducing demands one on our time. An unspoilt natural environment brings with it open space, an increasing sense of peace and the simple pleasures of life rediscovered, like cooking over a woody scented campfire and falling asleep to the sound of the waves. And what can be better than camping on paradise island like K’gari? Nothing beats camping on Fraser Island.

Just the thought of it sounds pretty good, right?

Why camping on K’gari is good for the soul and the environment

And K’gari is a wilderness all its own. Separated from the mainland for centuries, the island is a place where you can lose yourself for a few days. Swim in crystal clear, turquoise coloured lakes, hike through forests and along deserted beaches looking out for dingoes and dolphins along the way. Getting active in a beautiful place just can’t be beat. There is also always the option to do this with a  K’gari Fraser Island Tour where its not just camping but covering absolutely everything K’gari has to offer!

Why camping on K’gari beats a hotel experience every time

One day is rarely enough time to experience everything K’gari has to offer which is why a lot of visitors decide to stay one or two nights, and camping on K’gari is an adventure all its own. Pitching a tent out in the open means you’re as close to nature as you can get while you’re on the island, and getting to cook over an open fire while listening to the distant howl of a dingo as waves crash against the shore is an experience not to be missed. Something you just can’t get inside a hotel room.  

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Why camping is a sustainable way to spend the night

The island is a special place with a delicate ecosystem which doesn’t take kindly to rubbish and plastic waste. A tent beats a concrete hotel every time when it comes the environment.

Camping on K’gari is a once in a lifetime experience not to be missed when travelling around Australia. Not only does camping soothe the mind, it also leaves the natural environment unharmed. Check out K’gari Fraser Island camping adventures and start building memories!

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