Kanagroo Burger

Kangaroo burgers are served!

A proper Aussie BBQ out in the wild under the stars is a quintessential Australian experience. Somehow the food tastes better, smells better and what was once “just a burger” becomes one of the best burgers you’ve tasted. Aussies take BBQs very seriously and are seasoned pros when it comes to serving up a tasty, fresh meal for all those hungry tums. 

K’gari Fraser Island Adventures caters for everybody, including vegetarians and vegans (check out their menu) their ingredients are as locally sourced as possible, which means fresh healthy meat, veggies and fruit for you and a happy local farming and catering community.

As part of their commitment to reducing their carbon footprint, they’ve recently made some changes to the types of meat served on their tours. Beef is now off the menu and has been replaced with kangaroo.

Kangaroo Burger
Kangaroo Burger

Livestock farming in general, including cattle, is incredibly damaging to the environment. Huge swathes of forests around the world (including the Amazon) have been cleared to make way for crops grown purely to feed cattle, resulting in biodiversity loss, land and water degradation and of course deforestation. A whopping 18% of greenhouse gases produced by humans worldwide comes from livestock farming. It’s a massive problem which many people are doing their part to address.

Kangaroos on the other hand are, of course, native to Australia and are wild! These facts alone make it a much more suitable meat to consume than industrially produced beef. Because kangaroos are naturally adapted to the Australian environment, they survive here quite happily without interference from us. No land is cleared to produce their feed and all the space they need to live and reproduce naturally is already there. Habitats are not disturbed or destroyed, and the food they eat is indigenous scrub which grows naturally meaning fewer pesticides and fertilizers on the land, and fewer toxins entering our waterways – and ultimately our bodies.

Kangaroo is not only an extremely tasty meat, it’s also lean and healthy. With less than 2% fat it’s way healthier than other red meats and is high in protein, B vitamins, zinc and omega fatty acids, plus has double the amount of iron found in beef.

It’s for all these reasons that kangaroo is becoming a popular choice again in Australia. Sustainable meat consumption is just one of the ways we can all help the planet, and here at Drop Bear we are committed to doing all we can to reduce our carbon footprint and help you find great experiences that help you to the same.