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The Backpacker Travel Checklist; 3 Quick Smarter Packing Tips

The old adage of “less is best” when it comes to packing still rings true. A few carefully selected items will prove much more useful than a ton of stuff packed just in case of this or that scenario. The ultimate travel checklist should be smart, light and handy. Here are our top 3 tips for smarter packing.

When you wear your own luggage, it pays to keep things simple. Not only will your aching shoulders and back thank you, but the less time you spend organising everything you’ve brought with you leaves more time to enjoy the places you’ve set out to explore. So how do you decide what to bring to a place you’ve never been before? Can you pack for every eventuality? The truth is, no you can’t. And you definitely shouldn’t try. Whether you’re planning on a long term trip or just a couple of weeks, situations will arise where you may not have exactly the right equipment or clothes or shoes. But that’s all part of the experience, travelling should be an adventure, and never a pedestrian experience. 


1st Top Tip – Your Travel Checklist doesn’t have to be as big as you think; You won’t need as many clothes are you think

This is the number one mistake we all make; bringing way to many clothes. As soon as you start travelling, you’ll start worrying less about your appearance and more about the amazing experiences you’re having and, basically, how comfortable and useful your clothes are. If there is one golden rule its keep things practical and lightweight over all else. Weather you are in the city, road tripping or even joining us on Fraser Island Tours. Don’t leave home without these essentials: five t-shirts, one or two long sleeve shirts, a rain jacket, a sweater or hoodie, a pair of comfy jeans, two or three pairs of shorts, a pair of trousers, a dress or skirt,  nightwear (bearing in mind you may be sharing tents and dorms!), underwear, two pairs of socks, two pairs of swimmers (bringing two means you’ll never have to wear them damp ), hiking boots, sandals and thongs. And that’s it! 

Some travellers don’t pack many clothes at all;

fraser island tour guests on the beach
travellers enjoying their tour on the beach

2nd Top Tip – Don’t scrimp on your backpack

Your pack will be your constant companion, your some time pillow, your security, the place you’ll be diving into to find your camera just when the dingo appears out of nowhere on the beach and most of all it’ll be on your body almost all the time. Investing in a decent quality backpack is essential. Choose a well established brand and check online reviews before you buy. Make sure all zips and stitching are robust and will withstand the constant abuse you’ll no doubt be putting it through in the months ahead.

As long as there is a Vegemite sized pocket your backpack’s a gooden!

Vegemite To Keep The Drop Bears Away!


3rd Travel Checklist Tip – Bring the right gadgets

Gadgets are an absolute essential on any travel checklist. No matter if you’re camping in the outback or diving the Great Barrier Reef, only bring the gadgets that fit your trip rather than everything you own. An iPad for long bus journeys and camping nights where you need a little more entertainment than the stars can be a life saver (be sure to download plenty of entertainment over Wifi before you set out). A solar lamp can be charged up for free and provide you with a useful light source while camping. A waterproof case for your phone is a cheap essential that can literally save the life of your phone. Last but not least, a pocket charger that will keep your iPad, laptop and phone alive while you’re on the road.

You’ll need the right gadget to catch a moment like this!

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sunset on Fraser Island

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