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Sharing knowledge

Drop Bear Adventures is known for being a tour company that does more than show guests around K’gari. We love to share knowledge with our guests about the island; it’s delicate eco-system, the wild flora and fauna and the island’s true history. For us it’s about sharing knowledge with fellow travellers on how our every day living can have some impact, whether it’s positive or negative, on the Earth. We love to share knowledge with our guests about ways to be more of a conscious consumer, how to know whether products you are buying are actually “eco-friendly” and ways to reduce your own carbon footprint.

By visiting K’gari, a place that is renowned for crystal clear lakes, 75 miles of golden beaches, picturesque views and stunning scenery, it can be a real shock for some visitors when they see the amount of waste that is washed up along the shoreline. Every journey we take to the island we sadly drive past more often then not, a load of waste washed up from the shoreline. The majority of it is washed up from either Australia or Asia so luckily it is not the case of people just disposing of rubbish incorrectly on their visit to K’gari. However, it makes a real impact on our guests, and many other visitors, to see such a beautiful island be sadly scattered with unwanted waste that can be up to 100 years old. By seeing this in person and by sharing knowledge with each other on how to live more sustainable and be more conscious, it helps to then carry on our day to day lives being that bit more conscious.

Every little helps and even if our guest take away one small change with them, we know that every small change can make a big difference in the end.