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Be Social and Talk Environment at a “Green Drinks” Event in Noosa

Looking for a way to meet like minded people with a passion for the environment and sustainability around Noosa? Then the next Green Drinks event is where you want to be. This unique, global movement started in London way back in 1989 and has seen its popularity grow at an astonishing rate to where it now operates in 60 countries around the globe, with over 750 separate chapters. Noosa being just one of them.

So, what is it?

Green Drinks is a FREE monthly event designed to bring together innovative thinkers and people passionate about the preservation of the environment, through conservation and sustainability in a relaxed atmosphere – essentially, socialising with a green heart. Attendees come from all walks of life and fields, but they all have the same interest in environmental issues. Green Drinks was founded on the need for a social think-tank with the environment at its core. There are no politics involved and nobody will be pushing any agenda your way. What you should expect is to meet a whole new group of interesting, engaging individuals who share the same interests and passions as you.

Before Green Drinks was established there was a void where an accessible, non-politically driven arena was needed for people working in the “green collar” environmental sector, and those just generally concerned about environmental issues. Since its inception the movement has expanded rapidly with hundreds of people using the events to network, exchange ideas or just meet like minded individuals for interesting conversation and a glass of wine. Green Drinks has been deliberately designed to be an organic, self-organising network, relying on environmentally-minded people around the world to start their own Green Drinks network where none currently exist. Each person invites someone else along, so every event has new faces and ideas.

More than a cold networking event and more than mindless drinking just for the sake of it, Green Drinks is a fantastic way to easily meet new people and learn something along the way.

Sign me up!

The next Noosa Green Drinks takes place on 19th March at 5.30pm and you can sign up here. Entry to Green Drinks events is free, but you have to purchase your own food and drink.

Also check out here for more details.

Want to start your very own Green Drinks chapter? Do it! Its a worthwhile, fun and engaging event to get involved with and easy to do. Just check the Green Drinks site for more info.