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The whales are back in Hervey Bay!

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Every year the calm, sheltered waters of Hervey Bay become home to one of the planet’s most awe inspiring marine mammals. From late July through to October, hundreds of humpback whales use the bay as a marine pit stop as they take a break from their 5,000km journey from the cold waters of the Antarctic […]

Be Social and Talk Environment at a “Green Drinks” Event in Noosa

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Looking for a way to meet like minded people with a passion for the environment and sustainability around Noosa? Then the next Green Drinks event is where you want to be. This unique, global movement started in London way back in 1989 and has seen its popularity grow at an astonishing rate to where it […]

A Serene Adventure – Kayaking the Noosa Everglades

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Nothing beats the serenity of captaining your very own kayak and floating through pristine wilderness, and the Noosa Everglades are the place to do both. This watery paradise is one of only two everglades environments on earth and its rarity makes it even more special. The everglades have been given the nickname of “the river […]

Whale Watching with Pacific Whale Foundation

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Whale Watching with Pacific Whale Foundation   Us Drop Bears LOVE whale season and recently a couple of us were lucky enough to visit the Pacific Whale Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Hervey Bay for an awesome afternoon of whale watching. With the season in full swing, it was a great opportunity for us […]

Meet a Humpback Whale – 10 Awesome Humpback Whale Facts


Want to meet a humpback whale?! Possibly one of the most spectacular creatures of the natural world is the humpback whale just for it’s sheer size and incredible ability to thrive. Close to Extinction The East Australian Humpback Whale population were hunted and killed for commercial gain until the early 60’s. This saw their decline […]

Team Drop Bear’s Must Do Australian Tours

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The opportunity to visit Australia in itself is an exciting prospect; why not check out some of our, Team Drop Bear’s, must do Australian tours while you’re here. You’ll experience proper Aussie life, meet some amazing people and ultimately have the chance to camp, hike, explore and enjoy laughs along the way. But first you […]

Whitsunday Islands Sailing – The Second Greatest East Coast Adventure

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[vc_gallery type=”image_grid” images=”4449″ img_size=”full”]Many travellers on the East Coast of Australia, a.k.a. the backpackers’ highway, only make two stops between Brisbane and Cairns. The first one is, of course, Fraser Island (our personal Number One, in case you hadn’t guessed). The second unmissable East Coast adventure is a Whitsunday Islands sailing trip. Even those who […]