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How travel in Australia is good for the mind, body and soul

Travel is good for mind body and soul they say. But travelling somewhere new means getting out of your comfort zone and pushing those mental and physical boundaries just enough to have an adventure of a lifetime. And Australia is one of the best places on the planet to do both! It’s a country of endless opportunities to get outside and has probably the tastiest avocados you’ll ever eat. Fact: Travelling in Australia while staying healthy has never been so easy.

Seeing the best of Australia means getting outside

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Australia is blessed with some of the most gorgeous landscapes and amazing wildlife in the world, which equals a lot of active time outside – something we all know helps keep our bodies and minds healthy and happy. From lush rainforests to the dusty red of the Outback, from turquoise seas to glorious mountain ranges, Australia is as diverse as it is beautiful. Naturally you’ll want to see it all! Get active exploring the streets of Sydney or hike in any number of national parks, or get up early and catch the sunrise with a brisk walk along the beach. It’s easy to stay active when there is so much to see and experience literally outside your door.

Eat well by eating locally

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Wherever you travel in Australia, it is always possible to eat healthy, locally grown fruit and veg. Farmers markets can be found in cities and towns across the country, and it’s worth stocking up on plenty of fresh produce whenever you come across one. Eating seasonally will not only mean the freshest food but its also good for the environment. Supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths clearly label their fruit and vegetables as “grown in Australia” so you can support the farmers of Australia by buying Aussie too. Of course there will always be a BBQ nearby to cook up those delicious ingredients.

Seek out new experiences and boost your mood

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If you made the (often long) journey down to Australia you definitely came for a reason. Making the most of your time here is vital and every traveller wants to have new, unique experiences and learn about where they’ve landed. Luckily Australia makes it easy. Turn strangers into mates by chatting with fellow travellers on the road at meeting points like hostels or on a tour, take your pick of outdoor adventures, enjoy culture in spades (the Sydney Opera House to name just one world class venue) and learn about Australia’s fascinating cultural heritage. All of this combined will lift your mood and make you fall back in love with travel after the past two years of lockdowns and closed borders. There is always something new and interesting going on wherever you travel in Australia, and the locals are nothing but welcoming. 

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