Fraser Island isn’t the only place in the Great Sandy National Park that’s blessed with amazing, natural jewels. Encompassing 18,400 hectares, the Cooloola section of the Great Sandy National Park also boasts of a majestic array of scenic landscapes and tranquil waterways that’s impossible to ignore. And when you join in one of our Fraser Island Tours at Dropbear Adventures from Rainbow Beach, you’ll also get to explore the Cooloola section on your way to Fraser Island.
To entice your appetite for travel and adventure, we list here some of the best activities you’re bound to experience when you come and visit the charming Cooloola National Park with us:

1. Canoeing

As featured on Queensland Holidays, canoeing along the undisturbed Noosa river is one of the finest ways to experience nature at its most tranquil. Boats or canoes can be hired at Tin Can Bay, Boreen Point or at the Harrys Hut camping area. Make sure not to miss the peaceful everglades and the breathtaking reflections of the surroundings on the river’s clear, pristine waters.

2. Fishing

For keen anglers, Cooloola also offers a great spot for fishing. Explore Australia says, “At Cooloola, the fishing along Teewah Beach includes catches of whiting, bream and ?athead, while inland river ?shing is also popular.” You need not worry about obtaining a fishing licence since none is required; however, there is established size and bag limits for fishing in the tidal waters that visitors need to comply with. Popular fishing sites include the Kin Kin Creek and Noosa River.

3. Bushwalking

Bushwalking or hiking is one of the most popular activities on Cooloola because of the numerous excellent walks in the area. Prepare your walking shoes because you’ll surely be in for a treat. Several walks start from the Elanda Point, and four at the Harrys Hut camping ground. According to Explore Australia, “Boronia walking track (1.8 km, 1 hour) along Kin Kin Creek reveals the life of cedar cutters who worked in this area from the 1860s to the 1890s. Poona Lake Walk (4.2 km return) leaves from Bymien picnic area and leads through melaleuca woodlands, scribbly gum forests and pockets of rainforest.” Long distance walkers are also sure to enjoy the Cooloola Great Walk that’s up to 102 kilometres, complete with walkers’ camps. And if you’d like to try out more adventure, Visit Fraser Coast urges visitors to “pack a tent for the two to four day Cooloola Wilderness Trail.”

4. Four-wheel drive

Like Fraser Island, access to Cooloola National Park also requires a reliable 4WD vehicle with high clearance. As featured on Yahoo! Travel, there are plenty of established tourist drives you can enjoy at Cooloola. You can take the “Cooloola Way, a 32 km dirt road that connects the Rainbow Beach Road Kin Kin-Wolvi road, or drive through the banksia and taller forests with views over Cooloola sandmass.” Other tracks include the Freshwater Road and Kings Bore Track. Before departing, though, it’s essential to be aware of the road conditions and directions by speaking with the area rangers.

5. Camping

Should you wish to experience and explore the Cooloola National Park for a longer period of time, then you can do so by setting up camp at one of its 15 camping sites. There are a number of formal and informal camping grounds, complete with facilities, as well as wilderness camps you can choose from. Take note, though, that the only camping area which provides safe fresh water is the Freshwater Camping Area adjacent to Teewah, according to Yahoo! Travel.
Whilst Fraser Island might be the more well-known section of the Great Sandy National Park, there’s definitely no denying that Cooloola National Park also have spectacular sights and activities you can never miss! Phone us at Dropbear Adventures today and let us accompany you to an awesome nature tripping—from Cooloola to Fraser Island!