We are often asked whether there is any phone reception on Fraser Island and usually have to tell our guests that phone reception on the island is very limited. Visitors who are with Telstra will get some reception along 75 Mile Beach where K’gari Fraser Island Adventures accommodation is so they can receive text messages, check emails and make phone calls at least once a day. Anyone who is on a network other than Telstra is unlikely to get any phone reception at all and might as well put away the phone for the 3 days, giving it a well earned break.

Fraser Island is a great escape, with so many natural wonders all in one place. As a Fraser Island camping enthusiast, it is hard to empathise with anyone that comes here, but forgets to take in the beauty all around them, because they are too busy finding phone reception!

With the ‘wonders’  of modern technology, many of us feel unable to switch off, always under pressure to be contactable at all times. You’d think with all the technology the world today would help make life less demanding, but that’s clearly not the case. Gone are the days that you could simply apologise and explain that you were out of the office for a few days. Now people simply expect you to have a mobile phone, have reception and be contactable at all times.

If someone asks if you will have phone reception while you are on Fraser Island, we suggest you tell them that you are not taking calls while you are on island time! Your Fraser Island camping experience will be so much better once you truly switch off, cut the connection with the main land – and your phone!