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A Serene Adventure – Kayaking the Noosa Everglades

Nothing beats the serenity of captaining your very own kayak and floating through pristine wilderness, and the Noosa Everglades are the place to do both. This watery paradise is one of only two everglades environments on earth and its rarity makes it even more special. The everglades have been given the nickname of “the river of mirrors” and it’s well deserved – the reflections of the trees in the still waters is magical. This precious, rare ecosystem is virtually untouched, with 65% of its catchment within national park boundaries and the entire area being within the Noosa Biosphere Reserve.You’ll find more than 44% of Australia’s birdlife here along with more than 1,300 species of plants, and a ton of other water and land based wildlife. That’s a lot to keep an eye out for.

kayaking noosa
kayaking noosa

Beautiful Noosa Wildlife

With all that wildlife around, you need to keep quiet, and that is what makes the kayak the best way of getting around. Not only are you literally immersed in the environment, kayaking is almost completely soundless, which is what you want if you want to spot the critters that live here. A self guided kayaking trip is also the perfect way to get a bunch of brand new dorm mates together for a mini adventure. Having challenging and inspiring experiences with new friends is what makes travelling so meaningful and something as easy and accessible as a self guided tour through this pristine wilderness is one of those experiences. Hiring your own kayak means you can go at just the right pace for your group. Self-guided tours are really popular here so there’s little chance of getting lost!

A Days Adventure

Head out for the day or, for some proper adventure, camp overnight at one of the many camp sites on offer. There are plenty to choose from, from full service campgrounds at Boreen Point and Elanda Point to the more basic Fig Tree Point and Harry’s Hut. Bear in mind you’ll need a permit to camp at any of the sites. If you prefer to let someone else do all the organising, join up with a guided overnight camping trip and have everything taken care of in advance.

Kayaking the Noosa Everglades is a dream come true for wildlife enthusiasts and adventurers alike. It’s easy, accessible and a fantastic way of bonding with a new group of mates. Book direct with our friend’s at Noosa Everglades and get the best deal on tours and kayak hire. Enjoy the serenity!

Other epic adventures to be had in Noosa!

Noosa is a tropical paradise playground worthy of at least a few days of your time. The natural beauty of the area, from the everglades to the coastal hiking trails and of course that famous surf is a huge draw for travellers far and wide. And the town itself has a picture perfect tropical charm with boutique shopping, a cool cafe culture and relaxed vibe.

So how should you spend your time in Noosa? 

Skydive over the sunshine coast

There’s few things that get the adrenalin pumping more than throwing yourself out of a plane at 15,000 feet and free falling over some of the most beautiful coastline in Australia! Noosa is a great place to try skydiving for the first time, and even if you’re a seasoned sky diver the aerial views over this part of the country are hard to beat. Clear skies mean stunning views over Noosa, the beaches beyond and the deep blues and greens of the coral sea. Book direct with our good friends over at Skydive Australia, one of the most reputable sky diving teams on the sunshine coast, and get $30 off a 15,000 feet tandem skydive using our special Drop Bear code on your Drop Bear Adventures confirmation email.

skydiving over noosa
sky diving over noosa

Go koala spotting in Noosa National Park

No visit to Noosa is complete without a day spent hiking in the beautiful surrounds of the Noosa National Park. The boardwalk trail takes you around the spectacular Noosa headland and on towards Sunshine beach, with epic views out to sea all the way. The whole park is a wildlife sanctuary and there is lots to see if you keep your eyes peeled, including koalas hiding in the forests of eucalyptus trees. Make a day of it with a picnic and a few swims along the way.

koala Bear
koala Bear in a tree

Hit the waves with Noosa Learn to Surf

The surf that hits the Noosa coastline is some of the best on the Sunshine Coast, and gentle enough for novice surfers to try the sport out for the first time. Our buddies at Noosa Learn to Surf are fantastic coaches who guarantee to get you up on your board for the first time, and take seasoned surfers out to enjoy some epic waves. Book direct Noosa Learn to Surf and enjoy $10 off a surf lesson by quoting the special Drop Bear code from your Drop Bear Adventures confirmation email.

surfing noosa
surfing noosa

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