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Reycling valuable rescources

We LOVE to recycle as much as possible here at Drop Bear Adventures! Whether it’s at our headquarters in Noosa, at our accommodation on K’gari or even at our own homes, we try and do our part as much as possible just out of pure love the K’gari and the planet.

Sadly neither Queensland Parks and Wildlife or Fraser Coast Council offer any recycling facilities for the waste generated by the half a million people that visit the island each year. This means that we are continuously having to bring all the recycling off the island that is produced by our tours groups and staff members. Although it is a lot of work for both the HQ team and the island team, it’s well worth the time and investment to avoid putting any recyclable materials in to landfill.

We are now the only company that recycles 100% of all the recyclable waste we produce, even the soft plastics! We send all the beer cans (which are a plenty) off up to Happy Valley on K’gari where they get donated to a charity called Surf Life Saving Club. We are also jumping onboard the container scheme challenge and will be sending all our glass bottles and plastic bottles back to be reused šŸ™‚

We do hope to continue to work with the Fraser Coast Council to roll out a new waste management plan for the island and will continue to hold our governing bodies accountable when it comes to their commitment as managers of World Heritage Listed Fraser Island.