Why a Digital Detox to K’gari is good for your Health and Wellbeing

We could all use a break.

A recent study in the US found that teenagers and young adults expressed feelings of anxiety and stress found to be directly attributed to their use of social media and too much screen time. And it isn’t just the younger generation. Everyone is starting to feel the strain of more than 10 years of smart phones and these days it can feel like every waking hour, and sometimes during the night when we should be sleeping, our eyes are glued to a screen.

It’s true that the people that suffer the most from all this technology are kids. Whether it’s sitting in front of the TV or lazing in bed texting, kids just aren’t moving around as much as they used to. This is leading to unhealthy habits like bad posture and obesity, not to mention a whole lot of stress and social anxiety. And adults aren’t immune. A busy job and easy access to work emails and the like means our working days can extend well into the evening, with parents checking their phones for emails at the dinner table and not feeling fully engaged with their families during what should be their downtime.

So, as we find it more and more difficult to switch off from technology, the best option is to get away from that speedy internet connection all together. One of the best places to do just that is on K’gari. It’s not just a patchy internet connection that makes this special island a great digital detox escape, there is so much natural beauty to explore from pristine beaches to lakes and rivers, not to mention a fantastic array of wildlife you’ll barely notice the lack of Instagram and Snapchat. The ping of emails will seem like a distant memory as you drive along the beach spotting dingoes looking for your next adventure.

Take a break. Leave the iPad at home, switch off your phone and take a digital detox on one of Australia’s most unique and beautiful islands – your mind and body will thank you.