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How the Fraser Island Dingo went from Fearsome to Loveable

fraser island dingo

Synonymous with Fraser Island and Australia as a whole, the humble Fraser Island Dingo (Wongari) has had its fair share of bad press in the past. Probably the best known example of this was their implication in the disappearance of Azaria Chamberlain, the baby daughter of Lindy and Michael Chamberlain, who disappeared in the Northern […]

Ecococonut – Join The Plastic Revolution!

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Q&A with Ecococonut!  Plastic free household cleaning tools? We’ve met the perfect brand, EcoCoconut, who are on a mission to revolutionise “Plastic-Free”. They have created kitchen and household cleaning brushes made from waste coconut husks that are 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly. Crystal, founder and marketing director, has given us some insider knowledge into the brand […]

Planet friendly products

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K’gari – Fraser Island is home to the purest water in the world and we take our responsibility to keep it this way very seriously after all…water is life. Here on the island, we like to make sure that the cleaning products we use don’t contain the harsh chemicals that can affect our water system. […]

Reycling valuable rescources

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We LOVE to recycle as much as possible here at Drop Bear Adventures! Whether it’s at our headquarters in Noosa, at our accommodation on K’gari or even at our own homes, we try and do our part as much as possible just out of pure love the K’gari and the planet. Sadly neither Queensland Parks […]

Reusing valuable resource

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We’re big on reusing items wherever possible! This comes naturally from the simple life of living on an island. We reuse items such as cans and jam jars for containers or craft, we compost our cardboard or use to start the campfire and we use large plastic bottles to make ice. Poppa Bear is also […]

Reducing waste

plastic awareness

Reducing waste is an ever more increasing challenge for anyone, especially when it comes to food waste. Food waste is one of our most challenging projects and is a continuous struggle behind the scenes at Drop Bear Adventures. Each item on our tour menu has been carefully selected to reduce waste as well as being […]