ways to travel more sustainably

5 Easy Ways To Travel More Sustainably

Sometimes all it takes is a global pandemic to make us thankful for the wonder of travel. Who didn’t daydream on the sofa remembering past travel experiences wondering if it would ever happen again! Fast forward to today and global travel is back. Borders around the world are reopening and Australia is well and truly open for business.  But the one thing we might all be forgetting is that us staying home was actually good for the planet. Global emissions were down and our human impact on the environment was limited. As we gear up to start travelling far and wide again, it’s important not to forget the impact our travels can have on mother earth. Travelling sustainably is possible, and even pretty easy with just a few considerations to take into account. Here are five easy ways to travel more sustainably without compromising on your experience.

Get some travel buddies for the road

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Need to get across the Nullabor Plain or from Sydney to Cairns? That calls for a classic Aussie road trip and who wants to do it all alone? Raise your sustainability game by finding some like-minded travellers to travel with. More people in one car means less cars on the road overall, and reduced carbon emissions as a result. Consider joining a group tour or just ask around and see who’s going in the same direction. Flying may be convenient, but it’ll mean missing out on all that good stuff in between, the places you find along the journey that are often the most memorable. Take the bus, or hire a car and cram it with some new mates. The planet will thank you.

Two wheels are better than four

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If there’s one piece of kit that will keep on giving in terms of eco kudos, it’s the humble bike. Often very cheap, readily available and by far the best way to explore a new place on your own terms, bikes have zero environmental impact and are good for your health too. Download the local city bike rental app or just rent one locally. Getting around by bike is one of the best choices you can make and definitely a great way to travel more sustainably.

Keep an eye on your water usage

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Not the most obvious thing to consider when thinking of ways to travel more sustainably, but water is a scarce resource in many areas and water wastage is a massive issue environmentally. Invest in a cheap shower timer and limit your shower to 3 minutes – yes, it’s possible! Only wash clothes when they’re truly dirty (we’re talking literally stinking) and save the baths for sub zero temperatures only.

Stay small and sustainable

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Choose locally run, independent guesthouses and hostels. This not only supports local communities but the more simple a place is, the less impact you’ll be having on the planet. A fan cooled room is a more eco conscious choice than an air conditioned one, and nothing beats the personal touch of a local guesthouse.

Say goodbye to single use plastics

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If we could pick the one thing we can all do to both travel more sustainably and just generally take better care of our planet, that’s saying farewell to single use plastics. Plastic is clogging up our world and the ocean bearing the brunt. Pack your own reusable water bottle and refill it whenever you can. Put shampoo, shower gel and any other liquids into reusable bottles and choose environmentally friendly washing powder when it comes to laundry. It’s that simple!

Small changes make a big difference, and a brighter future for our beautiful planet. Chat with the eco conscious folks over at K’gari Fraser Island Adventures for some impartial advice on ways to travel more sustainably and some pretty awesome group tours to K’gari Fraser Island to boot.

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