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5 Travel Hacks for the Best Aussie Adventure, from 2 Weeks to a Year

If you’re busy planning your Australian adventure but feel overwhelmed by the sheer amount of places to go and things to see, we’re here to help!

Australia is big. Absolutely massive, in fact. Crammed with spectacular natural beauty, beaches for days, tropical islands and vast deserts – and did we mention the Sydney Opera House? There’s so much to see, but we can’t all take the months off work needed to see absolutely everything. Getting the balance right between the time you have, the places you want to see and the distances involved can be hard. Luckily we have 5 travel hacks to ensure your Aussie adventure is the best it can be.

Maximise Your Time


Coming to Australia is a long journey for a lot of travellers. Crossing multiple time zones to get here is part of the deal. Because of that, many folks choose to stay for weeks and months or even a year – but not everyone has that option. Once you’ve identified exactly how much time you’ll have in Australia, only then can you really begin planning your Aussie adventure. Our advice, of course, is to spend as much time as your budget and lifestyle allows. Whether that’s 2 weeks or a year, it’s time well spent! However long you have, you’ll still need to map out your time well or risk missing places you want to see or spending unnecessary time on the road on your Aussie Adventure. 

Be Clear On Your “Can’t Miss” Destinations

Most travellers to Australia focus on the East and West coasts, and this can make it easier to plan your travels. Got a whole year? You can easily do both. Something in between, say 6 weeks? You could see a bit of both. But if you’ve only got a couple of weeks you’ll have to pick a side. What you should always identify when planning your trip are your list of must see places and experiences. Ask yourself what you absolutely cannot miss while you’re here. Chances are there will be a coast that will deliver your dream destinations. 

Be Aware of Distances


Distances can be huge in Australia. It is effectively an entire continent after all. Do your research into just how long it takes to adventure between destinations and plan your itinerary accordingly. If you want to get from the city lights of Brisbane to the tropical playground of Cairns, for example, you’re looking at 19 hours on the road, or over 1,600km!  

Make a plan but leave room for the unexpected


Allowing for spontaneity on any itinerary is a must. It’s often where the best travel memories are made. While it is important to make a plan, but be sure to leave some time for the unexpected. Saying that, it’s pretty vital to book in advance if you’re planning on travelling during Australia’s peak seasons (hello Christmas crowds!). Peak season aside, allow a little wiggle room on your Aussie adventure.

Make use of budget travel options

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We’ll say it again – Australia is huge! Depending on how much time you have, domestic flights can be relatively inexpensive and useful for travelling long distances quickly. If you have longer than a couple of weeks then we’d recommend saving your cents and purchasing a travel pass with one of the budget long haul coach companies (Integrity Coachlines in the West and Greyhound in the East). You can often grab some good deals and have the opportunity to travel overnight saving on a nights accommodation. Hiring your own car can be another good option – Australia is one of the best road trip destinations in the world. It’s also a fantastic way of seeing the country as you travel, something that flying just can’t offer. 

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