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30 Australian Travel Hacks for 2019

Never feel underprepared with this comprehensive list of travel hacks which will save you money and limit your impact on the environment while you travel around Australia. Everything from handy ways to save money on flights and accommodation to making the most of outdoor camping adventures and ways to travel in a more eco-conscious, sustainable way.

Book an economy ticket with a Y or B booking code and you’ll have a better chance of that ever illusive upgrade.
Book flights midweek around 1am, the best time is Wednesday morning. This is when agents release unsold tickets and the best prices are available.
Always check return and one way options on flights. Departing with one airline and travelling back with another can sometimes work out cheaper.
Travel search engines such as Skyscanner and Hotel Finder will offer the best deals on flights and hotels respectively.
Clear your cookies and search history to ensure you’re getting the best, up to date fares.
Take advantage of price match guarantees offered by travel agencies. Find the same flight or hotel cheaper elsewhere? Let them know!
Always sign up for an airline rewards if they offer them. Long distance flights such as those from Europe to Australia will equal big air miles.
Make your own inflight or bus entertainment and download your favourite shows from streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon using hostel or hotel WiFi before you set off.
Stay in a suburb and save. You don’t need to be in the CBD in every city you visit. Hang out in a nearby suburb and save money on accommodation and eating out. It’s always easy to travel into the city centre if you need to.
Use your phone’s camera to take shots of your hostel room number, booking references or anything else you need to remember.
Buy a local SIM card as soon as you arrive, this will save you endless amounts of cash. Shop around for the best deal. Some deals last as little as a week, or as long as a year.
Roll don’t fold your clothes. Rolling means less creases and more space to pack as much as you can into your backpack.
Make an instant speaker by putting your phone into a cup. This will amplify the sound giving you an instant party in your hostel room.
Use a biodegradable, unscented liquid soap in place of endless bottles of shower gel and laundry detergent. Wash your hair, body and clothes with the same soap. Great for the environment and less bottles for you to carry.
Make your own pillow with a pillow case and clothes. Save space and turn your own clothes into a pillow!
Make your own camping lantern by putting a headlamp into a large (empty!) water bottle, with the light turned inwards.
Make your meals before you leave your hostel. It’s especially useful to chop up ingredients at home and transport them to your camp rather than fiddling around with chopping boards in the bush.
Use Doritos to start a fire! No really. The oil on these corn chips make the perfect kindling and will save you money on pricey fire starter kits. Plus, of course, you can eat them if you get peckish.
Bring a microfibre towel. Smaller, more absorbent and lighter than a regular towel.
Invest in a quality compact cooking set. This will be a gift that keeps on giving. Buy something durable and light.
Stay in the same place for a while. Get to know a town or city really well and feel like a local, while also limiting your carbon footprint.
Share a car or take a bus and you’ll be reducing your costs as well as your impact on the environment.
Take an overnight train rather than a flight – cheaper, often a far more interesting experience and way better for the planet.
If you do have to fly, use an efficient eco conscious airline with new planes and a responsible attitude. Check out for more information.
Take a re-usable coffee cup everywhere and avoid all those disposable cups provided by coffee shops and airlines.
Dine in where you can and limit your use of single use plastics like cutlery and polystyrene.
Shop at local farmers markets. Tasty, fresh produce which is cheaper, supports the local economy and didn’t have to travel thousands of miles to reach you.
Go veggie or vegan where you can. The most impactful thing you can do for the planet is to stop eating meat, or reduce your consumption.
Stay in locally run, eco conscious hostels and hotels. Look out for water bottle refilling stations and segregated trash so you can recycle as you go.
So how about that for 30 travel hacks to aid your Australian travels! And what’s more we have a great hack for travelling K’gari (aka Fraser Island)! Transport including the barge, food, accommodation, a comfy bed to rest your head and heaps of adventure all on a Drop Bear Adventure Tour! Book a 2 or 3 day tour with us today!