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Training Ourselves

Team Drop Bear are always keen to learn more on how to do better by the planet. Whether it’s within our own lives or within the company, we are continuing to educate ourselves about what we can do to be more conscious towards the environment.

Thankfully we have Mumma Bear who is a sponge when it comes to facts about the Climate Crisis and the environment. Mumma Bear is a true inspiration and has an enormous amount of love towards the planet. She is constantly teaching herself, learning from others, taking time out of her jam packed schedule to attend Climate Change meetings and conferences just so we can continue to better ourselves as individuals and as a company.

Living in a world that is in a ‘Climate Crisis’ it is so important to keep up to date with the news but also extremely daunting when it comes to what is fact and what is fiction. But thankfully for us, we have our Mumma Bear.