Packing your bags and travelling to a marvellous island destination like Fraser Island has always been a foolproof way of getting rid oneself of the stress and pressures of city life. With the cool, unpolluted air, refreshing rays of the sun, and abundant flora and fauna, there’s no reason why travellers can’t leave all their worries behind and escape into the magical Fraser Island time.

One site on the way to Fraser Island which we think is perfect for bringing back the calm in your life is the magnificent Double Island Point, located south of Rainbow Beach. Double Island Point is a treasure trove of all things fun and exciting. And travellers—especially those who seek water adventure thrills—will definitely be enamoured by this spot! Want to know why? Here are the top 5 reasons why you should take a trip to Double Island Point today, with us at Dropbear Adventures of course!

1. Great surfing spot

For those who love surfing or want to try their hand at the activity, you need not travel far because Double Island Point also has its own surf spot. As featured on Yahoo! TotalTravel, “The Surf at Double Island Point is a Right Hand Point Break with a length of 50 – 150 metres and on a good day can be 300 – 500 metres for those who are keen.” You can go there even on the weekends since there is only a relatively few surfers on the spot. But like any activity, it’s best to exercise caution and beware of rips or undertows, sharp rocks and even sharks in the area.

surfing double island point
catching a fun tube

2. Spectacular underwater garden

Because of its bounteous marine life, Double Island Point is also one of the best places to go diving. You’ll get to meet different aquatic species, such as leopard sharks, trevally, cod, mackerel, wobblegong, manta rays and Grey Nurse sharks. According to Tourism Fraser Coast, “Dolphins and whales (the latter from July to November) are a common sight there and Wolf Rock, a formation of four volcanic pinnacles a short distance from the point is rated as one of Australia’s top 10 dive spots.” For the experienced divers, Double Island Point’s diving location is definitely not one to miss with its vertical gutters, swim throughs, and overhanging ledges. You can even plunge into as deep as 40 metres.

3. It has a lighthouse that keeps guard of the point

A lighthouse, for many, is not merely a structure that guides ships and vessels, but is also a romantic escape that offers stunning vistas for people. Double Island Point boasts one of its own, which was constructed in 1884. As featured on a Wikipedia article, “It is a timber with metal cladding construction, like many lighthouses in Queensland, made that way because it is cheaper than masonry, but also better suited for soft sandy soils.” You may not get to climb up the point’s historic tower, since public access is not permitted, but you’ll get to stand beside Double Island Point’s solid sentinel which has guarded the point for more than a century.

4. Go fishing

Fishing is also allowed on the point. Schools of snapper, coral trout, amberjack, jobfish, and cod swim aplenty on the waters. However, make sure that you are aware of the “Bag limits, size and seasonal restrictions that apply to some fish species,” as noted by the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing. You can learn more about fishing rules and guidelines by visiting Fisheries Queensland.

fishing double island point
fishing off some rocks

5. Off-road Driving

Almost any spot on and around Fraser Island, including Double Island Point, is accessible via 4WD, which means you could experience a whole lot of unlimited off-road driving while on one of our Fraser Island tours! You can go to Wolf Rock, or travel south to Teewah Beach or even Rainbow Beach. Driving permits are required, but we can arrange them for you should you choose to partner with us at Dropbear Adventures to tailor an exciting Fraser Island holiday for you.


Once you’ve spent time at spectacular Double Island Point and enjoyed all the adventures to be had, you’ll be hungry for more. That’s why Fraser Island should be your next stop. So,

Why Not Pop Over to Fraser Island After? Here Are Just a Few of the Unusual and Awe Inspiring Sights on the Largest Sand Island in the World


Bathe in a natural jacuzzi

The Champagne Pools are a wonder of Fraser Island. These naturally formed, deep volcanic rock pools located on the beach just north of Indian Head harbour a stunning diversity of marine life such as starfish, fish, crabs and marine plants. The pools get their bubbly moniker from the bubbles of white foam that form after each wave crashes into them. The force of the waves create the bubbles and a natural, salt water jacuzzi is the result. There is no better feeling than letting the ocean waves bubble away all your stresses and anxieties. Beats a man made jacuzzi any day.

Champagne Pools
champagne pools on fraser island

Wild dingoes

One of the most iconic animals in Australia, the dingo has come to symbolise the wild heart of Australia and Fraser Island is where you’ll find the purest dingoes in the country. First introduced as far back as 8,000 years ago, dingoes are much like a typical domestic dog except they’re expert hunters and definitely shouldn’t be petted! It’s not uncommon to see them trotting down the beaches of Fraser Island and it’s a true privilege to see these golden coated beauts in their natural habitat.

dingoes on the beach
wild dingoes on fraser island

The coloured sands of the Pinnacles

The beautiful coloured sand cliffs which line the eastern coast are a prime example of Fraser’s unique geological history. Formed over hundreds of thousands of years when minerals drained through the sand and dunes, today there are more than 70 different colours on show as a result. Head over at sunrise and sunset when the sun’s rays brings out the red and golden tones in the cliffs.