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Our group just did not want to leave the beautiful Fraser Island beaches, and why would you

11th-13th Sept – 3 Day Fraser Island Adventure Tour

Wow, what a special trip.  Thanks everyone for coming to see K’Gari and the beautiful Fraser Island beaches with me and Dropbear. Our group became great friends so quickly and worked as a team, we got to see so much of the island with loads of time at the best places. It was a special one.

Cheers, Troy and the Dropbear Team[vc_gallery images=”1450,1454,1458,1462,1466,1470,1474,1478,1482,1486,1490,1494,1498,1502,1506,1510,1514,1518,1522,1526,1530,1534,1538,1542,1546,1550,1554″]