When visiting a World Heritage-listed spot like Fraser Island, setting up camp in the right base is definitely essential. You want to make sure your Fraser Island accommodation is budget-friendly, features a selection of amenities that would make your stay pleasing and comfortable, and accessible to the various attractions on the island.

The remoteness of Fraser Island has helped protect the island for many years and hopefully will continue to do so. The caring residents of the island also do all that they can to preserve this uniquely precious eco system that thrives in such a fragile and sometimes very hard environment. Home to some amazing eco friendly holiday homes Fraser Island offers a range of accommodation options. From camping to 5 star resorts it’s all available but there’s only one way to do it if you really want to experience the unique beauty of the incredibly impressive island.

Eurong Beach – just one option

Eurong Beach is a great base for anyone who wants to enjoy a spectacular beach front views on the world’s largest sand island. Situated on Fraser Island East Coast with easy access to inland tracks Eurong is a great central base providing easy access to all of Fraser Islands highlights. Accessible only by 4WD, the island provides an ideal setting for visitors who want to view the island’s crystal clear waters and the lush rainforest.

How to Get There

Visitors need a barge transfer to get to Eurong Beach. Vehicle barges operate daily from Rainbow Beach to Hook Point between 6am and 5.30pm daily and with no set times its definitely the easiest and prettiest way to come onto the island and if you time it right around the low tide its only a 35 minute cruise up the beach to Eurong Beach. You can also gain access to the island from River Heads to Wanggoolba Creek but you must book in advance, be a very confident 4wdriver, and you most certainly cannot be late as the barge only runs 3 times a day and waits for no one.


All the holiday homes feature solar power and basic facilities such as a fridge, cooker and washing machine. There are a variety of choices to match every traveller’s needs but bare in mind that all of them are eco friendly, with no TV’s, microwaves, hair dryers, kettles or toasters available.  All holiday homes have fully-equipped kitchens, showers and toilets and many have balconies and ocean views.


Some holiday homes have a pool but many are very basic eco friendly homes built to have minimal impact on the island. And why would you want a pool anyway when you have over half of the world freshwater perch dune lakes to take a dip in. Eurong Beach Resort boasts a wide array of facilities, including: restaurant, two bars, tennis area, conference facilities, spa, bakery, petrol station, barbecue, fishing gear hire, 4WD hire and tours, bush walks, café, general store and more. Don’t rely on the general store for supplies are the choice is very limited and very random.


Drive easily up the famous 75 mile beach to marvel at the mysterious sand blows, coloured sands, Champagne Pools, Indian Head and the beautiful ruins of the Maheno Shipwreck. Central Station and Pile Valley are also closeby if you want to see the green side of the island. Also, you can’t miss the pristine fresh water lakes and white sandy beaches of Fraser Island, which include Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby and Lake Birrabeen.

Anyone, from the average backpacker to the most extravagant traveller, will definitely enjoy a beach front base on this most renowned spot – Fraser Island. Regardless of whether you are camping or staying in a beautiful eco holiday home your experience will be much the same. Fraser Island accommodation is all about getting back to basics and enjoying the simple things in life.

And if you want to see the most of Fraser Island, Dropbear Adventures is the tour specialist to call. Have a chat with us today to learn more about how we help you with your Fraser Island accommodation and adventure.