If you’re a lover of the ocean and would like to explore the wonderful beaches of K’gari by swimming through its waters, then we’re sorry to tell you: swimming is not recommended on the entire Eastern Beach of the island. The ocean is not patrolled and there are various dangers that may harm swimmers, such as strong rips and undertows, as well as sea stingers and sharks that infest the ocean.

However, don’t be disappointed just yet. You can still explore Fraser Island’s more than 100 beautiful freshwater lakes that are all safe for swimming. Or better yet, why not go straight on and take a dip at one of the island’s treasures that is just a short walk north from the glorious Indian Head? Hint: it’s aptly named after a drink people pop and pour out during special occasions. Why yes, it’s Champagne Pools, of course!

The Best Place for a Dip

If you want to relax and take a dip into the magnificent waters of Fraser Island, then Champagne Pools would be the best spot for that. Located between Waddy Point and Indian Head, just along the famous Seventy Five Mile beach, the Champagne Pools is a collection of recreational pools formed by volcanic rocks. It’s also the only place on Fraser where saltwater swimming is allowed.

According to TourFraserIsland.com.au, “These pools provide a very popular swimming hole with the ocean crashing over the rocks into shallow sandy pools.” The natives call this spot as “natural fish traps” due to the rocks that protect the swimming holes.

Bubble Away and Relax

It’s easy to see why the Champagne Pools is a favourite spot for tourists. Alive yet calming, the Champagne Pools seem to be celebrating the jewel that is Fraser Island. “The pools are fed by waves crashing over the top of them, making for an exciting yet relaxing swim. Once the crashing waves settle, you’re left with the fizzing foam – hence champagne.” Thus, if it’s tranquility and the bounteous glory of nature that you seek, then floating away on the Champagne Pools is truly a must.

Safety Tips for Your Visit

The Champagne Pools can take your breath away with its beauty. But whilst it’s considered one of the safest sites on Fraser, visitors can also be prone to some injuries if they become too excited and careless. So, to make sure you enjoy the most of your trip, here are a few safety reminders you should follow for your visit:

• Don’t stray too far away – Because of the strong currents that occur on this part of the island, swimming far away from the pools is highly discouraged. Even the strongest swimmers may not be able to endure its extremely strong currents.
• Avoid swimming around the rocks – Whilst the rocks that surround the swimming holes serve as a good protection, they can also cause some cuts and scratches if you’re not careful. 
• Take the walking tracks – For easy access, be sure to take the timber walking tracks and steps. Most of the walking tracks on Fraser Island are well-defined, sandy tracks, with a generally firm and stable surface. It’s always best to exercise caution when walking on the sharp rocks to avoid injuries.

The Champagne Pools gives visitors more proof why Fraser Island truly deserves to become a World Heritage-listed site. Make sure you get more than just a glimpse of this natural beauty by booking our tour.  Join us at Drop Bear Adventures. We’ll make no guarantees, but we think you’ll definitely offer a toast to Fraser Island’s very own, natural Jacuzzi!