Why Start Your Fraser Island 4wd Trip From Noosa01

Why start your Fraser Island 4WD trip from Noosa?

Drop Bear Adventures Fraser Island 4WD – 3 Day / 2 Night Tours depart 3 times weekly from Noosa, Rainbow Beach and Hervey Bay. Which of these pickup locations you choose will depend on your personal travel itinerary, available modes of transport and what you want to see and do before and after your Fraser Island 4WD tour. We have put together a list of reasons to go to Fraser Island from Noosa to help you make up your own mind. With our Drop Bear Highway service, you can even finish your trip in a different destination than the one you started out in. That way, you can go to Fraser Island from Noosa and return to Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay, getting the most out of both tour itineraries.

Reasons to go to Fraser Island from Noosa:

If you are coming from the South and headed North, Noosa is your nearest gateway to Fraser Island. You could start your Fraser Island getaway from there and finish up in Noosa, saving yourself a lot of time, hassle and money covering that distance on the road.

  • If you are coming from the North and headed South, it’s a better idea to depart for Fraser Island from Hervey Bay and return to Noosa, for the same reasons. Either way, we offer luggage transfers and can organise accommodation on either end of your trip.
  • Both Noosa and Hervey Bay are easily accessible by plane, car and bus. However, if you are on an unlimited train pass, you will have to fork out a few extra bucks for a connecting bus from Cooroy to Noosa. On the other hand, it is possible to fly in to Brisbane and catch an airport shuttle direct to Noosa, which is convenient.
  • Noosa is a lively seaside town, with a wide range of accommodations to suit all tastes and budgets. There are lots of things to do in Noosa during the day – take a surf lesson, hire a bike, visit Eumundi markets, shop in the stylish local boutiques, tour the National Park and Everglades… At night, there are plenty of restaurants, lively bars and great nightlife on offer. Noosa is a great place to while away several days or even weeks and should definitely be on your Australian East Coast travel route!
  • When embarking on a Drop Bear Fraser Island 4WD tour from Noosa, you see a lot more along the way. Double Island Point, Rainbow Beach Coloured Sands and Cooloola National Park are usually en route at least one way, depending on tides.
  • However, this also means that our tours depart from Noosa a lot earlier. You will have to be at Drop Bear HQ in Noosa no later than 7, when our guests departing from Rainbow Beach or Hervey Bay are still snoozing.

Fraser Island tours; itinerary from Noosa

Departs Wednesdays, Saturdays + (from November) Mondays
Day 1

    • 6:45am: Courtesy pickup from Noosa backpackers.
    • 7am: Meet at Drop Bear HQ Noosa for a tour briefing.
      • ?am: Pick up additional guests in Rainbow Beach. Time to stock up at the bottle shop.
      • Rainbow Beach Coloured Sands *
      • Cooloola National Park *
      • ?am: Drive on to barge at Double Island Point for transfer to Fraser Island.
      • 11am: Arrive at camp, meet the rest of the tour group and your Drop Bear guide.
      • 12pm: Set up camp area and have lunch
      • 2pm: Start 30 minute walk into Lake Wabby
      • 6pm: Chill out on the beach with a beer
      • 7pm: Enjoy a classic Aussie BBQ

*Noosa Tours ONLY. Sites visited are dependent on time constraints, weather and tidal conditions. The times and itinerary details are given as a guideline only. Noosa tours may visit these locations only on one leg of the journey

Day 2

      • 8am: Leave camp and drive North on 75 Mile Beach
      • Sites visited during the day include Eli Creek, Indian Head, The Coloured Sands, Champagne Pools and the Maheno Shipwreck. In no particular order and not limited to.
      • 5pm: Arrive back at camp after a day of swimming, walking and relaxing.
      • 6pm: See above. Repeat.
      • 7pm: Delicious stir fry for dinner

Day 3

      • 9am: Leave camp and drive inland
      • 10am: Lake McKenzie
      • 12pm: Lunch
      • 1pm: Central Station Rainforest
      • ?pm: Return to barge and back to Noosa (return to a different destination can be arranged)

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Call our friendly Drop Bear Team to discuss your travel options from or to Noosa and to tailor an amazing, fun-filled, yet relaxing Fraser Island 4WD holiday that suits your needs!