Visitors to Fraser Island often favour the island’s network of freshwater lakes, stunning beaches and fizzing recreational pools when they want to take a dip or explore the exceptional bodies of water found in this World Heritage-listed paradise. We know this because as the leading tour operator on Fraser Island, we at Drop Bear Adventures have accompanied and toured a great host of travellers around the island.

Nevertheless, we also know that these spots aren’t the only ones that have captured the interest of many of our water adventurers and lovers. There’s still one more area that promises to captivate travellers—and it’s none other than the enchanting Eli Creek. Find out what makes Eli Creek a must-visit spot in this article.

A Creek Streaming with Charm

Of all the creeks and streams on Fraser Island, the Eli Creek is by far the most popular and a sure stand-out. According to, “Eli Creek lies on the eastern side of Fraser” and is known as the largest freshwater creek in the island. It is located along Seventy Five Mile Beach, a short distance to other famous spots on Fraser, like the Maheno Shipwreck.

Eli Creek is no doubt an area that showcases the amazing wonders of nature. A regular visit point for tours on the island, Eli Creek, says Phil James of Fishing Monthly Group, is a “delightful little stream that carries crystal clear water from a spring in the water table to the ocean beach, and continues to be a delight to all who come.”

Why Visit Eli Creek

Our team at Drop Bear Adventures believe that a trip to Fraser Island wouldn’t be complete without stopping by Eli Creek. Its magnificent views, natural attractions and wonders promise to tickle the fancy of nature lovers. Nevertheless, we’ll let you be the judge of that. Here, we offer a couple of reasons why it’s worth taking a trek or drive to Eli Creek:

• One of the world’s purest water flows through the creek – As featured on Queensland Travel, “the water in the creek is absolutely pure and up to 80 million litres of water a day flow from this natural aquifer into the sea.” Its waters are considered one of the world’s purest, taking over 100 years to get filtered through the sand. It’s so pure, in fact, that Eli Creek is the major source of drinking water for those who are enjoying Fraser Island camping around the area.

• It has rich historical significance – Not all places on Fraser Island is blessed, like Eli Creek, to have witnessed the colourful history of the island and its natives. According to, “Eli Creek is highly significant to the Aboriginal Butchulla people. In Aboriginal mythology, Eli Creek flows from Fraser Island across to the Hervey Bay mainland.” It once served as a gathering or meeting place, as well as the place where the natives baptised their infants.

• The place is home to precious wildlife – Eli Creek also houses unique and varied wildlife, from eels and frogs, rock flagtail, kingfishers, to Australia’s native wild dogs or dingoes. To preserve the beauty of the place and the various species that inhabit it, “Eli Creek, like other island streams, is a totally protected sanctuary for all life forms” according to Fishing Monthly Group.

• It’s a great swimming spot – Aside from Lake McKenzie or the Champagne Pools, swimmers can also enjoy some good time here at Eli Creek. Queensland Holidays says, “Swimming or floating down the swiftly flowing creek from the bridge at the far end of the boardwalk is an invigorating experience.”

Who can resist the enchanting Eli Creek? Certainly not us! We invite you to come, book one of our Fraser Island Tours at Dropbear Adventures today and see for yourself another amazing site at Fraser Island.