One of the best ways to get up close and personal with Fraser Island is through exploring it on foot. Hiking, or bushwalking in Australia, allows you to marvel at the beautiful natural environments found on the island and be able to go where cars can’t. It also lets you experience the wilderness without making a large impact on the ecosystem since all you are leaving is your footprints.

There is a variety of walking tracks on Fraser Island to suit all fitness levels, from short walking trails through the rainforest to longer walks through sandblows. But one of the best tracks that allow walkers to experience the island’s unique scenery and abundant flora and fauna is the Kirra Sandblow circuit at the Rainbow Gorge.

Here, we’ll take a glimpse on what travellers and hikers can experience on the Kirra Sandblow and offer some tips for safe and responsible bushwalking.

What You Will See

The coloured sandy dunes of the Kirra Sandblow are definitely one of the best spots at the Rainbow Gorge. Tourism Fraser Coast says, “The highlight is the eerie lunar landscape of Kirra Sandblow where a spring-fed stream creates small sand formations and has exposed the underlying sandstone rock.” Hikers will definitely enjoy boarding down the sandy slopes. It’s like Sahara, only more colourful and picturesque.

What to Bring

The circuit is approximately 2.1 kilometres long and at least an hours’ walk. For expert hikers, this may seem like a piece of cake, but for amateur walkers this can be challenging, which is why it’s necessary to bring along bushwalking essentials. Bushwalking Australia recommends bringing the following:

  • Sun protection – the Australian sun can be very strong, especially during summer. It’s important that you bring appropriate sun protection, such as sunscreen lotion, hat and sunglasses during your walk. Queensland Holidays also advises to “avoid walking in the hottest part of the day”.
  • Sufficient food and drinking water – “Australia is one of the driest continents on earth”. To avoid dehydration when hiking, be sure to carry sufficient drinking water. There’s also a picnic area at Rainbow Gorge where you can eat and enjoy the scenery. But remember to clean up after eating and not leave trash behind. Maintaining the cleanliness and pristine beauty of the area should be a top priority for visitors.
  • Appropriate footwear – of course, since you will be walking for an hour or so, wearing sturdy and comfortable walking shoes is a must. Choose a sandal with a good, flexible sole.

When to Go

Bird watching and animal watching are also some of the activities you can do in the area. Queensland Holidays recommends hiking in the early morning as this is when birds are plentiful. You can also go in the late afternoon if you don’t want to get lost among the crowds or be burnt by the midday sun.

More Tips

Bushwalking is a recreational experience, but you can’t always expect every excursion to be pleasant. Thus, here are some tips you must bear in mind to keep safe:

  • Beware of natural hazards. says, “All walkers should beware of natural hazards such as fallen trees, steep slopes, and uneven surfaces.” Be mindful of your surroundings and avoid loud sounds.
  • Be dingo-safe. Fraser Island is home to Australia’s native dogs – dingoes. When on a bushwalk, be wary of dingoes and avoid attracting them. Follow the dingo safety information provided by your guide.
  • Never walk alone. Bushwalking Australia also advises to “always tell someone about your planned excursion or route whether you are hiking or driving.” It’s important that you take the necessary precautions in case of unfortunate incidents.

A bushwalk through the Kirra Sandblow offers an opportunity for you to discover one of the hidden jewels of Australia. Call us at Dropbear Adventures and jump on our amazing Fraser Island Tours if you’re up for some bushwalking adventure at Fraser Island’s Kirra Sandblow.