Blog The Fraser Island Map And Eight Amazing Attractions

The Fraser Island Map and Eight Amazing Attractions

Making a list of the top attractions that can be spotted on the Fraser Island map is no easy task, especially if you’ve made the breathtaking Fraser Island your home! But for the benefit of those who haven’t set foot on the world’s largest sand island and want to find out the wonderful range of attractions the island has in store for everyone, we tackle this task head-on for you.

Here’s a list of the top attractions one can enjoy and explore on the majestic Fraser Island, and eight amazing animals you can expect to find!

Lake McKenzie

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swimming at lake mckenzie

– Popular among tourists and sunbathers, Lake McKenzie is one of the island’s perched freshwater lakes. What sets it apart among other lakes is its sugary white sand and clear, sparkling blue waters, which, beautiful as they may seem, do not encourage the development of aquatic life. We’ve also written more about Lake McKenzie here.

Seventy-Five Mile Beach

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the sun falling beneath 75 mile beach

– Ranked as the 6th best attraction on Fraser Island in the travel community website TripAdvisor, the 75 Mile Beach offers a stunning stretch of beautiful scenery and varied wildlife that is unique to the island. Although it may not be the best place when you want to take a swim, travellers can alternatively enjoy driving along the 75.173 Mile Beach in a Fraser Island 4WD.

Lake Wabby

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backpackers at lake wabby

– Lake Wabby is a unique creation of nature, being both a window lake and barrage lake. It is the deepest lake on the island, “surrounded by forest on one side and the advancing edge of the Hammerstone Sandblow on the other”, according to Travel Online. It’s important that you include this in your travel bucket list because a century from now, the waters of Lake Wabby may soon be swallowed completely by the advancing sand dune.

Eli Creek

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swimming in eli creek

– Eli Creek is Fraser Island’s largest creek, pouring up to four million litres of drinkable, crystal clear water every hour. If you’re planning to visit this spot, be sure to prepare your swimming gear as Queensland Holidays says, “Swimming or floating down the swiftly flowing creek from the bridge at the far end of the boardwalk is an invigorating experience.”

Lake Birrabeen

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boomerang chucking

– When Lake McKenzie becomes too crowded, you can still head on to one more site that showcases and features the same beauty as Lake McKenzie: Lake Birrabeen. Also a perched lake, Lake Birrabeen is great when you want to take a swim and avoid crowds of sunbathers in Lake McKenzie.

Central Station

Central Station on fraser island map
the forest around central station on fraser island

– Central Station is basically the island’s giant greenhouse and history keeper, showcasing the island’s various flora and fauna and how it developed to become what it is today. According to Tour Fraser Island, “Central station was the centre of the logging industry due its location in relation to the massive Satinays and Kauri Pines. In its peak, Central Station had around 30 houses and a school built for the loggers’ children.”

Maheno Shipwreck

maheno shipwreck on fraser island map
fraser island travelers in front of maheno shipwreck

– The waters of Fraser Island have claimed a number of ships in the past, totalling to twenty-three from 1856 to 1935. One of these ships is the SS Maheno, which has now become a famous landmark attraction on the island. According to, “the SS Maheno was one of the first turbine-driven steamers.” It was en route to a wrecking yard in Japan when it met its stormy end in the waters of Queensland.

Champagne Pools

champagne pools on fraser island
chilling in champagne pools

– Aptly called Champagne Pools because of its foaming waters, Fraser Island’s “natural Jacuzzi” is the only place where visitors are allowed to swim in saltwater. Tour Fraser Island says, “These pools provide a very popular swimming hole with the ocean crashing over the rocks into shallow sandy pools.” Swimmers should exercise caution, though, as the currents can be strong and sharp rocks may cause injuries.

Here are 8 amazing animals you’ll get the pleasure to see!


dingo on fraser island
dingo on a fraser island beach

Yep, you’re unlikely to be surprised by this one, after all these beautiful Australian dogs are probably Fraser’s most famous animal. But did you know the dingoes found on Fraser Island are the purest strain in the country? Because of their isolated environment, the dingoes on Fraser Island have barely encountered and bred with dingoes from the mainland, hence they are considered the purest dingo around! Keep your eyes peeled on the beaches for any passing by, and remember to keep your distance. Always.


dolphins around fraser island
dolphins around fraser island

Not technically on the island, but these playful puppies of the sea can be found just offshore in large numbers. Bottlenose dolphins are known for their intelligence and inquisitive natures and swim close to shore in pods of between 15 and 100 individuals! Another unusual sight is the Indo Pacific Humpback Dolphin which you’ll spot swimming  in the waters of the Great Sandy Strait.


Acid frogs

acid frog on fraser island
acid frog on fraser island

Listen out for the call of the rare “acid” frog which lives in certain swamp areas on the island. These tiny amphibians are specially adapted to withstand harsh environments, like the waters of Fraser Island’s swamps. Sadly their numbers are in steep decline so being able to see, or just hear one, is a true privilege.

Lace Monitor Lizards

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The lace monitor lizard, or tree goanna, is a common sight on Fraser Island and is native to eastern Australia. These prehistoric looking beauties can grow up to 7 feet in length and are excellent climbers. Look out for them climbing trees and wandering around picnic grounds searching for food. Don’t worry, they’re harmless.

White Bellied Sea Eagle

Karim Manjra Vetzwcy4kr8 Unsplash

There are 354 bird species living in and around Fraser Island. The excellent diversity of food sources, breeding and nesting areas make it the perfect place for many species to call home, including the white bellied sea eagle. This beautiful bird of prey hunts in the waters off the island and has a wing span of two meters!

Humpback Whales


Visit between July and November and you may well spot a pod of migrating humpback whales breaching just offshore. These majestic and songful giants of the deep make a pit stop during their annual migration to mate, socialise and play in the waters just off Fraser Island. Like most people, they arrive and don’t want to leave.

Sugar Gliders

David Clode Naqygzdeuue Unsplash

The gorgeous little sugar glider is a small, nocturnal possum which glides through the forest, much like a flying squirrel. Their latin name translates as “short headed rope dancer” which is fitting given their skills in aerial acrobatics. They are named due to their love of sugary foods like sap and nectar. 

Freshwater Turtles

Turtle Shell Skeleton
Turtle Shell Skeleton

Head over to Lake Allom to spot sunbathing turtles! These freshwater turtles are often seen swimming around the lake’s viewing deck expectently waiting for food, while visitors stare straight back at them (no food for these guys). Their little heads popping up from the water are one of the cutest sights around.

The attractions and activities on Fraser Island are many and varied – from clear, freshwater lakes to hauntingly, abandoned ships. And if you need someone to show you around these remarkable sites on the island, then call on Dropbear Adventures. Our popular Fraser Island Tours; camping and 4WD tours are perfect for anyone who wants an authentic Fraser island adventure!