If you and your partner seek a temporary refuge from all the stress and pressures of city life and want an exciting romantic getaway, then the Fraser Coast region might be the perfect destination for you. Only a three-hour drive North of Brisbane, the Fraser Coast boasts a wealth of opportunities for couples to rekindle the embers of passion. From its unique and intimate natural attractions to its countless heart-stopping adventures, this region truly serves romance and enjoyment on a platter.

If you want to learn more about what the Fraser Coast offers for you and your loved one, then let us help you. Here are some tips and a guide on some of the best treasures the Fraser Coast has in store for lovebirds.

For Nature Lovers: A Trip to Fraser Island’s Unique Lakes

If nature tripping is your thing, then visiting one of Australia’s prized treasures on the Fraser Coast should be on your list. The Fraser Coast is home to the World Heritage-listed Fraser Island – the largest sand island that contains half of the world’s perched freshwater lakes. The island’s most popular lakes include Lake McKenzie, Lake Wabby, Basin Lake, and Boomerang Lake.

According to Contiki Holidays, “Visiting Lake McKenzie on Fraser Island is an experience that will leave you with memories that will last a lifetime. The sheer natural beauty of the lush, green surroundings, pure white sands and even purer crystal clear blue of the water is unforgettable.” Imagine taking a dip into the crystal clear lake, or walking hand in hand with your loved one on the white, powdery sand of Fraser Island with the sunset as background. What could be more romantic than basking in nature’s beauty?

For Thrill-Seekers: A Taste of Fraser’s Adrenaline Pumping Action

Heart-racing activities may not classify as romantic for some, but for others, a romantic trip would definitely be incomplete without them. Fraser Coast has tons of adventure activities that will satiate every thrill-seeking couple. The official website of Tourism Fraser Coast lists some of the exciting activities anyone can try, which includes kite surfing at Hervey Bay, a Jet Ski or 4WD tour to Fraser Island, skydiving, deep sea fishing, parasailing and more. These activities will not only increase your heart rate, but also you and your partner’s bond as you savour the thrill of these adventures.

For History Buffs: Travel in Time at Hervey Bay Historical Museum

Hervey Bay is one of the towns that compose the Fraser Coast region. Its natural attractions and activities aren’t the only ones that boost Fraser Coast tourism, but its rich history also adds appeal to the place. And if you and your partner have a knack for all things historical, then taking time travel to Hervey Bay Historical Museum is your best bet.

As featured in the Fraser Coast Chronicle, items that tell tales of the past are dutifully preserved by the Hervey Bay Historical Society – “Old buildings from around the district – from a slab pig pen to the Dundowran hall, from a railway station to the weatherboard church where I used to nod off during my father’s sermons – have been collected by the society.” Now is also the best time to visit Hervey Bay as they will be marking the city’s 150th anniversary on September 29.

For Road Trippers and Bushwalkers: Discover Frasers’ Jewels by Foot

Taking scenic drives and walks is also a good way to explore the treasures the region has to offer. From Biggenden, Fraser Island, Woodgate, to Rainbow Beach, you’ll find plenty of national parks, landmarks and walking trails that are perfect for your journey. One of the most popular trails in the region is the Cooloola Wilderness Trail. According to Tourism Fraser Coast, “This trail in the Cooloola Section of the Great Sandy National Park offers walkers a wilderness experience of wildflowers, chattering birds, cool clear waterways and solitude.” The majestic environment can be harsh, though, with its changing conditions so be sure to pack the hiking essentials for both you and your partner to keep safe.

If these exciting but romantic Fraser Coast tourism activities aren’t enough to have you and your partner booking a trip to the region in this instant, then we don’t know what will. Contact us at Dropbear Adventures today and let us help you create the perfect romantic getaway for you at Fraser Coast’s treasured island – Fraser Island – that you’re sure to remember.