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Fraser Island Camping – Permits, Maps, Campsites, Tips and more

If you want to wake up to the sound of the waves gently crashing Australia’s most iconic beaches or be lulled to sleep by the sight of an amazing night sky and a clear view of the stars, then better prepare your bags for an awesome camping expedition to Fraser Island.

Fraser Island, recognised as the world’s largest sand island, is home to a vast richness of flora and fauna which is impossible to witness and appreciate in just a day.

But before you get going, here are important information and some tips you should know to make your Fraser Island camping a safe and memorable experience.

Campsites on K’gari – Fraser Island

There are various camp grounds and camping sites on the island, most offering wilderness camping but some offer basic facilities. As featured on the website of the Queensland National Parks & Wildlife Service, large, formal camping areas can be found at: Central Station, Dundubara, and Waddy Point (top and beachfront). Smaller, camping sites, on the other hand, are also situated in: Lake Boomanjin, Ungowa, and Wathumba. All these camping areas feature toilets, water taps, a “no generators” rule, and a 9pm noise curfew rule to accommodate for family campers. Beach camping is a great way to experience wilderness camping and get right back to nature. There are designated camp zone all along the east coast of the island with no noise curfew or generator rules. All camping areas require advance bookings especially for peak seasons, so make sure to book online or contact the regional offices by phone if you’ve arranged to privately visit Fraser Island in your own vehicle.

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Camping Permits

Prior to your camping trip to Fraser Island, make sure you’ve obtained a permit from the Department of Environment and Resource Management. You will be required to purchase a camping permit to camp anywhere on the island. Fraser Island permits should be posted on the tent and be visible to park rangers. It’s also recommended to obtain a Fraser Island information pack which contains a Fraser Island map, as well as a camping tag and vehicle permit.

What to Bring

The following are some of the essentials seasoned and newbie campers must bring for a safe and convenient Fraser Island Camping trip.

  • A good quality backpack
  • Appropriate clothing and weather gear
  • Walking or hiking shoes
  • Drinking water and food
  • Toiletries and medical supplies
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Cooking equipment
  • Camera
  • Sand pegs, ropes, tarpaulins, sleeping bags
  • Coins for showers and public telephones
  • Tags and permits
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More Tips and Reminders

• Beware of dingoes. Dingoes or Australian wild dogs are common on Fraser Island. It is illegal to feed, approach, or attract dingoes in any way as they can be aggressive. Fines could range from $2135 – $10,676. Keep safe by not leaving food unattended or locking them in a secure storage.
• Dingo Sticks. Visitors are encouraged to carry a Dingo stick with them at all times when on the beach and out of a dingo safety area. Dingo sticks can help discourage Dingos as it makes you look more dominant to them. Dingo sticks are not to be used to harm a Dingo or any other animal. It is also strongly advised to always walk in pairs. If you are camping on the beach then it is important not to leave food in your tents and to put all belongings in your vehicle.
• Beach swimming is not advised. However inviting Fraser Island’s beaches may be, it is advised to avoid beach swimming due to the “dangerous surf conditions and the sharks that inhabit the ocean. Fraser’s beaches are also unpatrolled so better remain cautious.
• Do not leave rubbish or waste behind. To preserve the beauty and cleanliness of Fraser Island, TravelOnline strongly reminds campers and visitors to “Dispose of rubbish in the proper bins or remove it from the island when you leave.”
• Observe maximum speed limits. Driving on the beach also has its dangers. So if you’ve hired a 4WD, be sure to observe the prescribed speed limits. Having a Fraser Island map when four wheel driving is also recommended.
• Don’t forget your Fraser Island permits. Vehicle access and camping permits should be secured before setting up a camp. They should also be displayed clearly for park rangers to check.

Camping on Fraser Island offers so many unique experiences for every camper. And if you want to enjoy an authentic and wonderful camping expedition on Fraser Island, but minus all the hassle, contact us at K’gari Fraser Island Adventures. We offer one of the greatest and most exciting 2 and 3-day camping tours in Australia. Contact us today and start your adventure with us!

Looking for camping permits to Fraser Island? Head over to QPWS to book online!

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