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Lake McKenzie – Five Top Reasons To Visit

There are plenty of reasons why travellers and adventurers head on to Australia’s precious heritage-listed island, Fraser Island. Aside from its white sandy dunes, colourful Aboriginal history, unique wildlife and exciting tour activities, Fraser Island’s more than 100 freshwater lakes also attract visitors worldwide. And the most popular among them is Lake Mckenzie. Interested to know why?

Here are 5 epic reasons to visit Lake McKenzie and what our tours look like which include this majestic attraction.

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1. Lake McKenzie is a perched lake – a unique body of water

K’gari (Fraser Island) boasts 40 perched lakes, half of the world’s freshwater dune lakes, including Lake McKenzie. These lakes are distinctive because their water originates from rain, not streams or the ocean. Lake McKenzie, over 150 hectares in size and 5 meters deep, provides a swimming experience akin to a large and pristine pool.

2. There’s nothing like swimming in a pure, clear lake

Movies often portray lakes as murky and mysterious, home to dark creatures. Lake McKenzie, however, defies this image. Its water is a vibrant blue, and the pure-silica sand feels soft beneath your feet. The fine sand is perfect for exfoliation. Despite slightly acidic water from decaying plants limiting aquatic life, it doesn’t detract from the joy of a refreshing swim.

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3. Go camping!

Fraser Island offers various camping areas for day-trippers and adventurers. Developed spots include Central Stations, Lake McKenzie, Lake Boomanjin, Waady Point, Dundubara, and Wathumba. For an optimal camping experience, Lake McKenzie is highly recommended. Enjoying the island’s majestic beauty is best done under the stars.

Designated camping areas provide basic facilities like public toilets, showers, parking, and barbecue facilities. Ensure you have a camping permit before arriving on Fraser Island.

4. It’s more than just picture-perfect, it’s poetic

Google “Lake McKenzie” and you’ll find an abundance of stunning photos. Beyond its picturesque appearance, the lake is expansive and immediately captivates with vibrant colors. The crystal-clear, aquamarine water meets the shore, creating a perfect, straight line of vivid blue. The sand, nearly all silica, offers a sensation akin to walking on warm, slightly melted ice cream. Lake McKenzie is poetry in nature.

5. It’s just the place to be

It’s also a place that features heavily on our tour itineraries, for obvious reasons. Our top class guides know Fraser Island better than anyone else, which is just one of the reasons why we’re consistently voted one of the top tour operators on the island.

What our tours look like which include this majestic attraction.Our 3 day/2 night 4wd adventure gives you plenty of time to chill out at Lake McKenzie as well as many of the other pristine lakes to be found on the island.

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