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Drop Bear – séjour en camping safari sur K’gari alias Fraser Island

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Drop Bear – séjour en camping safari sur K’gari alias Fraser Island Notre séjour 3 jours/2 nuits en camping safari est la formule avec laquelle l‘aventure DropBear à débuté et celui-ci est année après année classé meilleur séjour sur la célèbre; Fraser Island. Au départ de Noosa ou Rainbow Beach, 2 fois par semaine, ce […]

Be Social and Talk Environment at a “Green Drinks” Event in Noosa

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Looking for a way to meet like minded people with a passion for the environment and sustainability around Noosa? Then the next Green Drinks event is where you want to be. This unique, global movement started in London way back in 1989 and has seen its popularity grow at an astonishing rate to where it […]

A Serene Adventure – Kayaking the Noosa Everglades

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Nothing beats the serenity of captaining your very own kayak and floating through pristine wilderness, and the Noosa Everglades are the place to do both. This watery paradise is one of only two everglades environments on earth and its rarity makes it even more special. The everglades have been given the nickname of “the river […]

Animal Friends on Fraser Island (K’gari)

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As with many island habitats, the native animals that call K’gari home are diverse, hugely important to the ecosystem of the island and above all, pretty darn loveable. Everyone has heard of the resident Dingo population and the sight of one of these majestic dogs trotting along the beach is a real treat and a […]

4 Ways to Celebrate World Wildlife Day

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4 Ways to Celebrate World Wildlife Day The sixth annual World Wildlife Day is approaching this Sunday, 3 March, and it’s a day to recognise all the different animal species across the globe. Although this year’s focus is on marine life, the ultimate goal is to spread awareness on the beauty of different species and […]

30 Australian Travel Hacks for 2019

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Never feel underprepared with this comprehensive list of travel hacks which will save you money and limit your impact on the environment while you travel around Australia. Everything from handy ways to save money on flights and accommodation to making the most of outdoor camping adventures and ways to travel in a more eco-conscious, sustainable […]

The Benefits of Camping on K’gari – Fraser Island

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THE BENEFITS OF CAMPING ON K’GARI AKA FRASER ISLAND The benefits of camping, whether in the wilderness or even within the comforts of a more organised set up, are certainly endless! Returning your mind and body to its former natural habitat is great for the soul. And whilst our wilderness camp is rather comfortable on […]

Outdoor Adventure Australia – Walking the Walk

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WHAT WE DO The team behind Outdoor Adventure Australia are passionate about providing enjoyable and educational Australian Adventures with a focus on client comfort and safety. Currently specialising in small group, multi day hiking/camping experiences within Queensland, they are about to push further into some innovative and truly awe inspiring multi-day, multi-activity adventures including abseiling, […]