Travel Is back, baby!

Remember that time life came to a stop because a deadly virus was raging around the world and we had no choice but to stay home and get addicted to streaming services? Yeah, we all baked bread and did some home workouts too, but TV was how we stayed sane. Dark days in so many ways, except for Netflix of course who profited massively from the stay at home revolution.

Profits skyrocketed as people trapped inside streamed every show out there, because frankly there was nothing else to do.

Goodbye NETFLIX, hello travel!

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Fast forward to last week and the tables are turning for Netflix. News of subscribers leaving the streaming service in their thousands hit the news and their share price took a nose dive. The company shed a whopping 200,000 subscribers in Q1 of this year and is on course to lose another 2 million by the end of Q2. We have fallen out of love with Netflix, but why? Maybe this headline signified something else entirely – people were finally leaving their living rooms and getting back out there. Which is brilliant news for tourism both in Australia and everywhere else, not to mention our mental and physical health (and passport stamp collection!).

We all need adventure In our lives

Great Barrier Reef

The Netflix exodus just goes to show that our fundamental thirst for travel and adventure is alive and well. We all just want to get out into the world and travel again. Maybe because those freedoms were taken from us so harshly back in 2020, folks now want to live bigger than ever and take every adventure they dreamed of while stuck in lockdown. Who needs Netflix when there’s a big, beautiful world out there waiting to be explored!

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Netflix may be taking a dive but life is getting better and better for adventurers everywhere. Travel is back baby and it’s sweeter than ever because now we all know what life is like without it. It’s just a box set on repeat. Wanna know where to get your kicks this winter? Join an epic adventure tour with K’gari Fraser Island Adventures (our buddy!) on beautiful K’gari Fraser Island, and make up for all that lost time on the sofa.