Islands around Australia you can’t miss

Island life is the best kind, right? Beaches, sunshine and a whole lot of tranquility. The islands around Australia number a mind blowing 8,222 and are a diverse bunch. From tropical palm tree fringed specks of land to chilly wind swept, rocky outcrops where the only residents are of the feathered and beaked variety.

The islands around Australia that truly deserve your time have the perfect mix of natural beauty and unique wildlife, beautiful beaches and that ‘can’t quite put your finger on it’ little something. So here they are.

K’gari Fraser Island – Dingoes and Pristine Wilderness


K’gari Fraser Island is one of the most popular islands around Australia and when you get here, it’s easy to see why. World Heritage-listed and well known for being home to that most iconic of Aussie animals, the dingo, you’ll find natural beauty here like nowhere else. There are freshwater lakes with the clearest water you’re ever likely to swim in, huge coastal sand dunes, pristine forests and the chance to live out your 4WD fantasies driving along 75 mile beach. K’gari Fraser Island is an iconic island well worth your time when exploring islands around Australia!

Magnetic Island – Koala Heaven

Koala Small

Just 8km off the coast from Townsville is the mountainous beauty of Magnetic Island. Just 52sq km in size and easily reached by ferry, Magnetic Island is one of the best known of all the islands around Australia. Over half the island has been designated a national park and as a result it is chock full of wildlife. In fact there are an estimated 800 koalas (among other critters) living here, and you can often spot them wandering along the popular Forts Walk trail which takes in coastal views, along with some fascinating WWII sites. Magnetic Island is a tropical paradise with history, wildlife, hidden bays and beautiful beaches making it one of the top islands around Australia.

The Whitsundays – Paradise Done 74 Times Over

Lochlainn Riordan Oaozyu0ygco Unsplash

The Whitsunday Islands of northern Queensland are probably where you’d want to head to live out those desert island dreams. These 74 islands are each their own paradise with fine white sand beaches lapped by turquoise waves, untouched interiors full of wildlife and all surrounded by the breathtaking Great Barrier Reef. Most are uninhabited national parks which you can visit with a guide and famous Whitehaven Beach is regularly named one of the top beaches in the world for its fine silica sand and natural beauty. The Whitsundays are truly heaven on earth and represent some of the very best islands around Australia.

Australia is home to some truly stunning islands. Fancy visiting one of the best? Book a tour with K’gari Fraser Island Adventures and have an adventure of a lifetime on K’gari Fraser Island. One of our top islands around Australia!