Australian Working Holiday Visas just got even better!

Could it be? Is it true? Yes, Australia’s extremely popular Working Holiday Visa is well and truly back! And it’s better than ever.

If you arrived in Australia on a Working Holiday Visa at the beginning of 2022, chances are you would have received a refund on the cost of your visa. Miss that boat? No worries! There are still lots of reasons to apply for your Australian Working Holiday Visa today and experience all the amazing places and people that make Australia one of the most beautiful and exciting countries in the world.

As with anything visa related, it’s vital to check the latest rules and guidelines on the Australian government website here

What exactly is the Australian Working Holiday Visa?

Brisbane, just one of the places you’re likely to visit on a working holiday visa

Visa Subclass 417, to give it its official name, is a temporary visa which allows young adults to stay and work in Australia for up to a year from the date of first entry. You don’t even have to spend the whole time in Australia and can come and go as you please (although you’ll find it hard to leave). Being able to work while in Australia means you can travel for longer and fund your adventures as you go. The beauty of the working holiday visa is the fact you can experience so much more than a typical tourist visa will allow. Being able to work while you’re here means you can truly taste what it means to be Aussie, for a while at least.

So who can come?

australian wildlife
The Kangaroo, one of Australia’s most iconic animals

You will need to be fully vaccinated with an approved vaccine and meet certain age requirements, which brings us to one of the recent changes. It used to be the rule that only people up to the age of 30 could apply, but now that rule has changed. If you’re applying from Canada, France or the Republic of Ireland you are eligible for the visa up until the age of 35. Woo hoo! This will also be the case for anyone from Denmark and Italy from 1 July 2022.

Is 35 the new 30? Kind of.

Second and third Working Holiday Visas

backpacking essentials
Fancy staying a bit longer like this guy?

Love Australia so much you want to stay longer? You’re not alone. If you’ve already been granted a working holiday visa you may be eligible to apply for a second one, allowing you to stay for a further 12 months. The key is landing yourself the right kind of work while you’re here. Working in regional industries such as farms, tourism and hospitality in remote areas as well as other types of regional work for at least 88 days will qualify you for that all important second visa. You will need to make sure any regional job you take on qualifies under the guidelines, so double check before you accept any job offer. If you complete 6 months of specified work in a defined regional area during this second year visa, you may be eligible to apply for a third year visa too.

Have A visa but plans got derailed by Covid?


From 1 July 2021 to the end of 2022, current and former holders of a Working Holiday Visa who were unable to come to Australia or forced to leave before the end of their visa due to Covid-19 can apply for another visa for free.

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