Whale Watching On Fraser Island01

The whales are back in Hervey Bay!

Every year the calm, sheltered waters of Hervey Bay become home to one of the planet’s most awe inspiring marine mammals. From late July through to October, hundreds of humpback whales use the bay as a marine pit stop as they take a break from their 5,000km journey from the cold waters of the Antarctic to the warmth of the tropics. The whales have been coming to Hervey Bay for thousands of years, drawn by the calm conditions and as a safe place for younger whales and pregnant females to rest before continuing their journey. Individuals will often stay for long periods of time, meaning the same whales can be spotted time and again, so if you hang out for a few days your chances of getting to know individual whales is pretty high.

Mothers have been known to bring their babies right up to whale watching vessels as they teach them how to breach and spy hop (a way of checking out what’s going on at the surface while still remaining underwater). The sheer number of whales and their inquisitive and playful nature make for one of the most unique wildlife experiences you can have.

Everyone wants to see these guys up close, and with good reason. But the safety and preservation of the whales, along with an eco conscious approach should always be the top priority of any tour operator. So we’ve done the hard work for you and found the best of the best eco-conscious whale watching tours on offer at Hervey Bay. Best of all just quote your special Drop Bear code from your Drop Bear Adventures confirmation email and quote this to your chosen company for money off tours!


Freedom Whale Watch offer a day on their stunning 58ft catamaran complete with 360 degree views of the ocean, on three levels. There will be no neck craning for a view on this boat. Tours include transfers, morning and afternoon tea and a tasty buffet lunch.

Pacific Whale Foundation have over 30 years of humpback whale research under their belt. Rest assured any questions you have about the whales and their behaviour will be answered by a true expert!

Blue Dolphin Marine tours take a maximum of just 24 passengers and have a hydrophone on board so you can listen to these beautiful creatures singing to each other under the waves.