plastic awareness

Reducing waste

Reducing waste is an ever more increasing challenge for anyone, especially when it comes to food waste. Food waste is one of our most challenging projects and is a continuous struggle behind the scenes at Drop Bear Adventures.

Each item on our tour menu has been carefully selected to reduce waste as well as being made from a recyclable material which is achieved with 97% of the food products we supply. Our menu is designed to minimise waste but without our guests going hungry. We purchase large refills for things like salt, pepper and sauces to reduce the amount of packaging and to avoid continuously purchasing the plastic shakers.

We don’t use things like single use plates, cups, cutlery etc and we have completely banned plastic straws forever! We use re-usable items wherever possible and wash up plate after plate with love for K’gari in our hearts. We are Plastic Free Champions 🙂

We also have our very own island compost…which if you are an eco-warrior like us, it is very exciting!! The Drop Bear compost is where all the food scraps go which are left behind from our tours. The compost, when it is ready, it then gets distributed to cultivate the native plants around our Beach House Hostel 🙂