Planet friendly products

K’gari – Fraser Island is home to the purest water in the world and we take our responsibility to keep it this way very seriously after all…water is life. Here on the island, we like to make sure that the cleaning products we use don’t contain the harsh chemicals that can affect our water system.

The beauty products that we supply to our guests on our 2 and 3 day tours are all eco-friendly and are safe to put down the system meaning it won’t affect the drinking water in years to come. This includes our shampoos, conditioners, hand soap and body wash products, all of which are produced from an awesome company called Organic Care. The products are Australian made (tick!), vegan and not tested on animals and even better…the packaging is 100% recycled bottles and the product is grey water safe. We love these products so much that the whole Drop Bear team even purchases them for their own use at home! Best of all, unlike many “natural, planet-friendly products”, they are affordable and easily purchasable from all major supermarkets!

This goes the same for our household, cleaning products that we use at our HQ and on the island. Earth Choice, (the same company as Organic Care) also produce planet-friendly household sprays, washing up liquid, laundry liquid and dishwashing tablets.

And more recently we have purchased eco-friendly kitchen brushes and kitchen scourers, made from waste coconut husks that are 100% biodegradable and eco-frindly. Ecoconut, an Australian company has created these incredible kitchen tools that don’t harm the environment.

It’s so important to try and purchase planet-friendly products where possible. Every little helps with keeping our planet alive and kicking.