To say that Fraser Island is a mecca for naturalists and lovers of the great outdoors is definitely an understatement. The island’s natural wonders are too many and too precious to ignore. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to bring and introduce travellers to Fraser’s awe-inspiring jewels as much as we can. Of course, its cool and clear freshwater lakes definitely take a spot in our list.

We’ve already offered you a glimpse about Lake McKenzie and Lake Wabby—Fraser Island’s most popular lakes. But it doesn’t end there. There’s still plenty of fascinating lakes on the island that are sure to grab the interest of nature lovers. And next on the list is Lake Allom. Explore the amazing Lake Allom with us in this article.

Appreciating Lake Allom

Located 500 metres north of the Woralie Track, Lake Allom is a treasure tucked in a forest of Melaleuca trees and Hoop Pines. According to FIDO or the Fraser Island Defenders Organization, “For probably 40,000 years or since Lake Allom was created by one of the many episodes of sand accretion on the huge sandmass that is now Fraser Island, it has been nestled in the dunes hidden away by a wall of rainforest.” The lake got its name from Noel Allom, the surveyor who first mapped the area in the 1920s.

Lake Allom may not have the clear blue waters that Lake McKenzie is known for, or the depth and mystery that Lake Wabby’s waters feature, but it sure does not lag behind when it comes beauty and abundance of nature. Thus, if you want to experience Fraser Island lakes but don’t want to compete with the crowds of visitors in Lake McKenzie or Lake Wabby, then Lake Allom is your best pick as the place is “a little less touristy” according to

Lake Allom Highlights

Lake Allom is already a significant highlight as it is, when you book with us on your Fraser Island Tours and getaway’s. But just to make sure your nature lover’s spirit gets tickled, here are exciting highlights you can see and experience at Fraser island’s Turtle Lake—oops, did we just make a slip?

• Fancy freshwater turtles – Lake Allom is also known as Turtle Lake because of it being a home to freshwater turtles. As featured on, “the highlight of a visit to Lake Allom is the viewing platform where you can watch freshwater turtles swimming about.” You can get up close with these adorable creatures by clapping and watching hundreds of Kreff’s river turtles pop their heads out of the waters out of curiosity. You can easily identify Kreff’s river turtles by the yellow streak on the side of their heads. Be aware, though, that feeding of turtles is not allowed.

• Enjoy a scenic drive – If you’re going in a 4WD, be sure to head through the forest-fringed Lake Allom. It’s going to be a challenging drive because of the sandy road, but well worth it because of the impressive sights and dense rainforest.

• Have a picnic or stay longer for camping – The Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing Queensland Government says, Lake Allom is also a great place for time out after a challenging drive, or meeting and greeting the tiny turtles. There are picnic tables provided so you can chill out and eat, not by the lake. Lake Allom also has one of Fraser island camping sites, according to

We know you’ll enjoy spotting turtles, driving through scenic views and taking a picnic at the alluring Lake Allom with us at Dropbear Adventures. Give us a call today and head on to the fascinating Fraser Island today.