The hustle and bustle of city life is toxic to anyone, which is why taking time off once in a while is always a good idea. It helps you recharge your batteries and reflect on things so you can continue exerting your best. And one of the best ways to do this is by turning your back on your fast-paced lifestyle for a while and feel ‘at one’ with nature.

Fraser Island gives you plenty of opportunities to help you experience the tranquillity and healing powers of nature—starting with the magical Central Station rainforest. Allow us to take you on a magical journey through Central Station in this article.

The Cool and Calm of Fraser’s Central Station

Located in The Great Sandy National Park, Central Station is proof of the majestic beauty of nature. Rainforests and rare plant life surround the area. How Fraser Island rainforest flourished remains a puzzle to everyone, considering the fact that the island’s sand dunes lack natural mineral fertility—but we’re not complaining. Instead, we make it a point to share this unique jewel to travellers by including this spot in our tour packages.

According to, “As early as the 1860’s logging took place on Fraser Island and Central Station was the logging camp used when that industry flourished here”. Today, however, logging is prohibited on the island because it is now listed as a World Heritage site.

Activities to Enjoy

If you’re looking for ways to connect with nature, here are some ideas on the best activities to enjoy at Central Station:

• Take a walk  – no Fraser Island bushwalking tour will ever be complete without dropping by at Central Station. The Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing says, “Many memorable walks leave from Central Station. Stroll through the rainforest along Wanggoolba Creek boardwalk, visit the peaceful Basin Lake, or stand among the impressive satinay trees in Pile Valley.” Don’t forget to wear your trusty walking shoes and bring along sufficient water for your trek.

Have a delightful picnic – sometimes the stunning view of nature is enough to satiate one’s hunger. However, if these views aren’t enough to fill up your tummy, then enjoying a picnic at Central Station is a great idea. According to, “Central Station provides of a picnic area with a scenic boardwalk through the rain forest along the banks of the Wanggoolba Creek.” When taking a picnic, be sure to preserve the pristine conditions of the surroundings and avoid leaving trash behind.

Learn about Fraser Island’s flora and fauna – Fraser Island houses a variety of flora and fauna, a good number of which can be found on Central Station. Learning about them is one of the ways to appreciate nature. You can find an information centre that features Fraser’s plant and animal species at Central Station. Or you can also play a game with fellow travellers, identifying the kinds of trees and plants you spot there.

Go perhaps said it perfectly: “To really commune with nature, pitch your tent at a campsite at Central Station”. There really is no better way to connect with nature than to sleep under the stars and take advantage of Central Station’s campgrounds. also adds, “Central Station has plantations of a variety of pine trees to which give the camping ground much of its appeal and makes the ideal camping site during the holiday season.” However, bear in mind that starting campfires and using generators are prohibited. Booking in advance for campsites is also required.

At Dropbear Adventures, we believe visitors to Fraser Island need not be extreme nature lovers to fully appreciate the beauty found at Central Station. Sign up for our Fraser Island Tours today and be captivated by the enchanting Fraser Island now!